Conway Lawn Care SCThe top dressing includes a mix of products such as sand, dirt, peat as well as loam. This mixture should closely resemble that of the existing soil as it could form part of the root zone eventually. It should be one of the most important parts of your lawn care routine.

Why do you need to top dress your lawn?

  • It does not simply boost the appearance of your lawn, it also promotes your lawn’s health and wellness.
  • It allows you to have a level lawn by filling any kind of hollow locations to develop a smooth surface.
  • Helps to thin down thatch layers, aiding in their all-natural breakdown and also stopping them from accumulating.
  • For grass that deals with waterlogging, a sand-based top dressing used after oxygenation could enhance the water drainage as well as firm the surface area as a preventative measure.
  • Additionally, for grass with the other concern, where the dry spell is an issue, the same approach could be used by using peat top dressing rather than sand.

When is the best time to top dress your lawn?

 Top dressing your lawn preferably happens after some remodeling has occurred, especially after aeration

This is the process of making openings in the lawn surface to let go of stagnant carbon dioxide from the dirt and let enough oxygen back in. This process promotes root development and can easily be made using a mechanical aerator or just by hand.

Lawn care professionals advice performing lawn aeration at least once a year. It helps eliminate plugs of dirt from the ground and leaving a path for air water and the top dressing to blend in. If you are doing aeration, make sure that the holes are about 8cm deep and also 2cm in diameter, spaced approximately 8cm apart.

Make sure to get rid of any type of particles such as fallen leaves from the surface of the yard prior to starting the procedure in order to allow light as well as oxygen in

How do you make lawn top dressing?

As soon as the lawn has actually been cleared and freshened, by this time, your lawn dressing should have been prepared. As mentioned before, top dressing is a mix of products that based on your lawn’s existing soil components. Be sure to use sand without lime and that all active ingredients should be completely dry and sifted to free it from any lumps.

Before applying the top dressing, be sure that the grass has already been cut to allow the dressing to seep through the topsoil. Once cut, rake the yard and loosen up any bare spots.

Seeding Your Yard

You could use lawn seed in your yard either before or after top dressing it. We would certainly advise that you seed your grass after you use your top dressing. This is to stay clear of endangering exactly how uniformly spread your lawn seed is. Some lawn care rules will tell you that you could blend seed in with your top dressing yet this could cause unequal and also abnormal looking yard development.

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