lawn careIn many parts of the nation, lawn grass goes inactive in the winter season. Those people living in the southern part know that cool-season ryegrass is typically overseeded into the grass to keep the lawn vibrant and alive. North people know that it is too cold for any turf to grow, so they wait patiently for spring. A typical homeowner should understand that lawn care should not end during winter.

Here are Ways To Keep Your Yard Healthy During Winter

Aerate the Lawn

Offer some additional air for grassroots by aerating your yard. Utilize a spade to secure spikes of soil throughout your yard to make holes for planting seeds. If your yard is big, you may wish to lease a motorized aerator or even a manual one.


Apply fertilizer with a spreader. As you move the machine backward and forward over the lawn, hold that handle much like a trigger, it launches pellets when you “shoot.” Follow the guidelines on the fertilizer package. Apply just the advised quantity because too much fertilizer can burn your lawn.

Spread Grass Seed Best for Winter Season

Purchase lawn seed that is best for winter. You can spray the seed over the yard with the same spreader you utilized for the fertilizer. Attempt to spread out the seed equally so you will not have clumps of yard later on.

Rake and Water the Lawn

Drag a rake over the yard to separate soil clumps and cover the seeds a bit. Water the yard with the garden hose pipe spray. After that, keep the soil moist, do not let it dry.

More Winterizing Tips

  • Clean your yard

Another winter lawn care Conway tip is not to leave particles, leaves, or toys out in the yard. These things can smother the lawn, develop illness conditions, and welcome pests, mice, and other destructive insects.

  • Adjust your Lawn Mower

Lower the height of your lawn mower by a notch or 2 the last number of times you cut. Exceedingly long turf can smother itself, trigger illness, and is in danger of damage from freezing and thawing conditions. Do not cut the yard so short that you scalp it, therefore exposing the crown of the plant to severe conditions.

  • Be sure to know high-traffic areas

Under snow cover or exposed to the components, inactive lawn will endure a moderate quantity of traffic, however, a greatly used course will be slower to green up in the spring and trigger compaction.

  • Understand weather patterns

The grass is extremely durable and can endure severe winter season, however specific conditions can be hazardous in the long term. It may be beneficial to chip away little-exposed ice in a low area if you understand winter season storm or deep freeze is approaching.

Winters can typically be unforeseeable and might put your lawn through some severe conditions throughout the course of the season. The very best thing to do is ensure the lawn has actually solidified off, when you’ve “put the yard to bed” correctly, you can concentrate on keeping your walkways clear. Simply keep in mind to watch on the weather condition.

To ensure you follow proper winter lawn care, call Conway Lawn Care Service.

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