lawn careAeration is an important lawn care maintenance job that you have to do on a regular basis. Especially for lawns that receive high traffic, aeration is extremely important. There are many ways to lawn aerate your lawn. But before you do any of that, you need to know how compact the soil is for you to determine what kind of lawn aeration method you need to use. There are different aerating strategies available but before you choose, you should first understand why you have to aerate as part of your lawn care.

Understanding Aeration As Part Of Lawn Care

Aeration is the process of creating holes in the ground to make sure that air, nutrients, and water get to the roots of the grass. If the air and water is given to the grass, they’re going to be green and healthy. In case the roots of the grass lawn are in good shape, they’re not just beautiful but also boost the price of your property.

Methods of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration can be done in to ways, turf aeration and core aeration. Turf aeration tools are spike aerator, aeration shoes, and hand aerator. In this kind of aeration, you utilize spikes to create holes on the soil. Aerating the turf lawn can help a low traffic lawn to feed the roots with air, water, and nutrients. However, this is not suggested for lawns that receive high traffic since they’ll add to the problem of compaction.

Core aeration is advantageous when compared to turf aeration since it plugs holes and pulls soil to create a hallow hole where air and water will enter and circulate much better. The nutrients will get to bigger and deeper roots to feed them. This doesn’t add to the compaction but instead, opens up a hole where the roots are going to grow, which will make your turf greener and healthier.

Lawn Care: Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration helps enhance drainage and decrease water run off that could lead to moss development. You will decrease soil compaction in areas that receive high traffic. Compaction is encouraged by foot traffic and when that happens, air and water don’t circulate properly. Therefore, you need to aerate your lawn as part of your lawn care Conway routine.

Lawn aeration can also help control thatch development. You destroy the particles and the strand that create a thatch. In case there’s a thatch that’s being created in the soil close to the roots, poking holes once you aerate the lawn and breaks them, will help avoid the development. If you aerate the lawn, regularly, it will boost the health of your turf and prevent pests and diseases that may harm your lawn.

You have to aerate a no traffic lawn once every other year. For medium to high traffic lawns, it is important to aerate them twice a year or as often as you think it is necessary. You can do this task on your own or you can hire a landscaping service to do this for you.

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