lawn careThe holiday season is finally here and you wish to put some Christmas decors up on your yard. What you really want is nothing too elegant—some light and a few inflatables will do. This plan is plausible, simple and will not damage your yard if you follow a few guidelines. Christmas designs can be a fantastic addition to your yard and make your house joyful on this special occasion. There are a couple of lawn care ideas you can follow to make certain your lawn remains healthy even if you put Christmas decorations in it.

Holiday Lawn Care Tips

  • Ensure that family pets or next-door neighbors will not go to where you display is. They might not just ruin your efforts, but the additional traffic can damage your yard.
  • Try not to utilize candle lights in your display. They are a fire risk. Nevertheless, if you feel you must, do not leave them on for more than a couple of hours. This is for you and your family’s security.
  • If your Christmas decors are heavy, do not leave them on display longer than a couple of weeks. If you let the decors stay for more than two weeks, you might have a damaged lawn in the Spring. Just focus on putting up inflatable and lights. These decors are not heavy and can stay a little longer on your lawn.
  • Another lawn care Conway tip is to ensure that lights and lighted outdoor display are on timed. This reduces your need to stroll throughout the yard to turn whatever on. The additional foot traffic might cause more damage to your lawn. Simply set the timer and let the rest look after itself.
  • As you are setting up your display, ensure that no lights are torn or shorting out. If they are, do not utilize them. Change them with lights that are working and have strong cables. You do not wish to run the risk of an electrical fire on your yard. That would do some major damage.
  • You need to still be cleaning your yard regularly, keeping it devoid of particles and fallen branches. If it snows where you are, you need to clean up the snow as it can smother the yard underneath it. Lastly, keep in mind to keep your strolling on the lawn to a minimum so it does not squash and mess up your lawn for spring.

Having a healthy lawn and a keeping the holiday spirit alive is easy when you have Conway Lawn Care Services to help you.

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