landscapingLandscaped flower gardens are considered the crown jewel of a homeowner’s lawn. Your landscaping flower garden is the best thing to have in springtime.

These Conway landscaping tips will help you grow flowers in your garden.

Grow Flowers on Your Lawn You might envy the flower gardens of your neighbor and want to transform your lawn. You will need to take initiative and collect the grass as well as the seeds for the landscaped flower garden.

Conway landscaping professionals recommend that wildflowers be grown on your lawn in addition to existing turf. You should choose a spot with good soil, a strong sward structure, and a few lawns or weeds. The grass should be cut in the last part of summer to leave about half the yard bare. Mix the seed with the sand, and then spread it manually on the bare areas.

Landscaping Tips: You can also grow the following flowers:

Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtles are a popular choice for Southerners who want to plant a variety of landscape trees. They have a long flowering period (mid-summer through fall). These blooming landscape trees come in a variety of colors, including pink, white and red. These collections are visible at the tip of new wood.

Rose of Sharon

It is sometimes referred to as a Conway landscape tree, due to its height and ability to be trimmed to a single trunk. Rose of Sharon, a flowering shrub, flowers late in the season and can be trimmed to have a single trunk. This makes it an ideal plant for anyone who wants to spread their lawn’s color scheme.

Planting your Flowers

Make sure your soil is well prepared as part of your Conway lawn care before you start to grow plants from seeds.

According to the instructions on the package, make a small opening in the ground. This will allow you to place the seeds in the soil.

Water and dirt should be covered carefully, but completely. As the seed sprouts, keep the dirt moist.

Next, dig a hole twice as large as the seed. If your yard dirt is not too heavy, you can add some natural food or compost right into the hole.

Place the seed in the opening by loosening the roots. Add enough soil or a growing tool to cover the hole. Water thoroughly and carefully muck the soil down.

If you follow the yard maintenance instructions carefully, growing flowers in your garden is easy. For help with landscaping your yard, call Conway Lawn Care Service.

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