lawn careA lot of homeowners are having problems with their lawn. You’ll find a lot of people dealing with their lawn care woes. There are different problems that come with easy fixes. Here are some tips from experts.

Lawn Care Tips From The Pros

Lack of Sunlight

Even turf grass, which are known to be shade tolerant, will not do very well in dark corners of your lawn. And aggressively pruning trees to make sunlight could wind up harming trees. It’s better to cut off your losses and changing the sun starved grass with a ground cover that’s shade tolerant, such as the sweet woodruff or the bishop’s hat. Or you may transform that part of your lawn with a perennial bed or gravel.

Crabgrass Invasion

You are smart to take on this annoying weed. Aside from being an eyesore, these crabgrass general dies off during the first frost, and promotes soil erosion. You can contain the problem if you apply a corn gluten meal, which is considered as a natural alternative to the common chemical herbicide during the early spring. Follow it with a spring fertilizer. Once the mowing season starts, you should not cut the grass way too short because this could lead to the growth of crabgrass again.

Thin and Patchy Grass

Chronic lawn problems generally involve the soil and not the actual grass. You should get a soil test. Although you can buy kits that will allow you to do this yourself, it’s better to hire a lawn care expert to do the soil test. Aside from identifying the pH level, they will also determine if there are other missing nutrients as well as the best source of treatment. It’s a good idea to conduct a soil test every few years. If you just moved to a new home, you should have the soil of your lawn checked every year.

Grub Sightings

Grubs are milky white beetle larvae that love to feed on grass roots, which could result into dead spots of the lawn. Grub will also attract moles as well as racoons. However, a few ones will not be a problem but having several of them in your lawn requires the help of lawn care experts. If you notice signs of damage, you should call a professional lawn care Conway SC specialist right away.

Ugly Bald Sports

Weeds are attracted to bare patches, so if you do not act right away, they will. That’s why you need to hire a lawn care Carolina Forest specialist right away. Wet weather is good for various kinds of turf grass. You should dig up the damaged section as a start, plus six inches of surrounding, and healthy lawn, cutting around 2 inches deep. You should level your lawn’s soil and include a tiny amount of soil amendment, like a plant based compost as well as a starter fertilizer.

There are ways to save your lawn and improve your lawn maintenance routine. You should add compost, water wisely, mulch, use low maintenance grass, and maintain your tractor or mower. If you don’t have the time to do all these then you should hire a specialist right away like Conway Lawn Care Service.

Call Conway Lawn Care Service now if you need help in maintaining your lawn to keep it lush, green, and healthy.

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