Lawn care Conway SCNow that’s an extreme year but a lot of things can still happen. It will just take only a few days to reach the 80s or even the 90s, and the cool season grass could easily check out and slumber. You do not want to bomb it with a growth spurt from nitrogen that leads up to or during a heatwave. That’s why you need to learn more about summer lawn care Conway SC maintenance and fertilizing tips.

But you shouldn’t take nitrogen out of the equation right away. The lawn will still need a bit of nitrogen when fertilizing to remain healthy and green, but you need to reduce it for a bit. That’s the concept of the slow play.

Move your way into the summer season by spoon feeding the nitrogen and when you can, add in some potassium in there as well. Potassium is excellent when it comes to helping plans during times of stress. Aside from that, micronutirents are perfect for the summer season especially iron since it can help keep the landscaping remain blue green in color without forcing it to grow further.

Lawn Care Conway SC Tips for Summer Fertilization

The fertilizers that are used during the summer season does not concentrate on root growth but on helping the lawn in water retention, weed control and deep nutrition, which are all problems that affect lawns during the summer.

Summer season is the time when the growth cycle of your lawn might be disrupted by bugs, weeds, dry spells, and intermittent heavy rainfall. The fertilizer must help address these issues so that your lawn could stay as lush and healthy as you want.

Most summer fertilizers have certain properties that will support the grass in resisting drought and weeds, insects, growing deeper roots, as well as water retention. In certain ways, the summer lawn food will serve as all an all purpose fertilizer and assist in avoiding problems that typically happens with the heat of the summer.

Homeowners need to know that fertilizing during the fall season is as crucial as facilitating deeper growth of grassroots to assist in strengthening the grass during winter. It’s also as important to fertilize during the summer season, as part of your lawn care Carolina Forest routine.

Summer fertilizers could help in the growth of healthy grass and make it look appealing. They may also have turf builder properties that could boost the amount of grass and the lawn’s overall health.

Summer fertilization would also secure the lawn during adverse weather and drought conditions that aren’t favourable to the growth of new grass. The fertilizers made for the summer season release slowly to make sure that the turf is healthy and well-fed even during times when the water is much less than one inch per week. In case you have warm season grasses, this type of fertilizer could strengthen your grasses and let them take on the sharp weather changes during the hot summer season. Summer fertilizers could also help in preventing your lawn from going dormant or brown.


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