lawn careThe summer is the best time to mow your lawn. During this time, your lawn receives the most sun and traffic. It also receives less rain, and it requires more maintenance. It may seem counterproductive to fertilize your lawn during the summer. It is not what you want. But by fertilizing your lawn, you improve its quality and prevent weeds from taking hold. We have compiled some of the most important summer lawn care tips you should know.

Know when to Fertilize

Warm-season grasses are usually used to make lawns. It is best to fertilize this grass twice, once in the early summer and then again in the late summer. It is crucial to apply late summer fertilizer before August if the grass on your lawn becomes dormant in winter.

Prepare Your Lawn for Success

Aerate the soil before you fertilize your lawn. By strategically creating holes in your lawn, particularly in areas with thick thatch, you can gain access to the root system. Your lawn will benefit from your fertilization program. Aeration is necessary if the layer of thatch in an area is more than half an inch thick.

Timing is everything when it comes to the right fertilizing schedule

Water your lawn a day or two prior to fertilizer application. When temperatures are cooler, apply fertilizer in the morning or evening. Water your lawn immediately after fertilizer application. This will help the fertilizer to absorb. However, never overwater! Avoid fertilizing during a heavy rainstorm. The excess water could wash the fertilizer away, making your efforts ineffective.

There is a right way to water

To prevent evaporation, water your lawn thoroughly and regularly during cooler times of the day. Watering your lawn thoroughly will ensure that the roots grow deeper and will keep it lush. Water restrictions, rainfall, soil type, and grass type should all be considered to ensure that your lawn receives enough water but not excessively.

lawn careUse the lawn mower as soon as possible

Maintain your lawn at its optimal height by cutting it regularly. Different types of grass have different recommendations for summer height. Follow the instructions for your lawn. Cutting the lawn regularly will maintain its appearance and discourage weed growth, as well as ensuring you get the best results from your fertilization efforts.

Grasscycling is Important

Doesn’t grasscycling mean that you are lazy and don’t want to clean up your yard? Not at all. It can be vital to maintaining a healthy lawn if done correctly. The grasscycling process is simply allowing grass clippings on your lawn after each mowing. To do this successfully, you must mow your grass regularly. Don’t let your grass clippings pile up if it gets too long. The short clippings from your regular mowing can help fertilize your lawn. In fact, up to 25% of your lawn’s fertilizer needs can be met by grasscycling.

Composting is a great way to recycle waste.

Compost is the final tip we have for lawn fertilization. Using compost is very intriguing for many homeowners, becuase they consider it an environmentally-friendly choice for their lawn care. When selecting compost, keep in mind that it should not be used during the summer. Early spring is the best time to apply it, unless you want to regrow grass in thin turf areas. Apply it with a rake, and then water it in. Compost can be a great way to replenish the nutrients that have been lost in your lawn.

Think Green Lawn Service can help you stay on top of your lawn fertilizing.

It is essential to take care of your lawn during the summer. Failing to cut or water your lawn regularly in the hot summer months may result in bald patches, browning grass, and bugs. In this case, fertilization is often neglected in favor of efforts to grow grass and eliminate pests and weeds. For warm-weather grasses, the key is to stay on top of your lawn maintenance plan.

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