lawn careWhile landscaping and hardscaping are closely related, they are completely different. Hardscape and softscape projects are interrelated, but landscaping projects go beyond them. Softscape can include grass, shrubs and vegetable gardens, while hardscape is the additions to hardscape. It is important to know the difference between hardscapes and the overall landscape and lawn care. A quality hardscape makes for a fascinating, long-lasting landscape.

Lawn Care Tips and Tricks: What Is A Hardscape?

Brick and mortar are the foundation of hardscaping. Hardscape materials are used in driveways, decks, berms patios, pergolas, arbors, and patios. Softscape is often found in or around hardscape. Hardscapes can be patterned by flowers, plants, and other materials.

What does Hardscape do?

Hardscape is a common feature in most homes and Conway SC lawn care. To keep windows, doors, and other outdoor spaces open, patios and driveways are necessary. A decking system is also necessary for an outdoor pool to function. Hardscape is basically designed to stop water absorption. Hardscape protects the boundaries of the home from water absorption by protecting it from natural rain, hose water, sprinklers, and other elements that can damage the exterior of a home.

Hardscape also protects the area’s structural integrity. Brick and mortar can be used to fortify foundations, which protect a yard from daily wear and tear. Hardscape is an option that can be used to add aesthetics to a yard’s foundation. A hardscape installation can often be customized. It can also be used to embellish areas. Stone benches, vertical walls, paved walkways, all serve a purpose and help to ‘pull the yard together’ visually.

All About Landscaping

Landscaping, on the other hand, includes hardscaping. It determines the yard’s form, inclusions, and definition, and yard maintenance requirements. Landscapes are made up of both hardscape and softscape. Both create a unique landscape that captures the essence of a home and protects its property. It is important to consider both hardscape and softscape when planning a landscape. Because of its effect on the yard’s structural purpose, hardscape is more important than softscape.

Landscape Planning with Hardscape

It is important to consider the ‘feel’ of your home’s surroundings before you decide on hardscape installation. Hardscape is defined as the majority of a landscape’s area. It is best to plan entire areas in advance. When an area is defined, it can be ‘filled out’ to give it a complete feel.

It is also important to define the yard’s structural integrity. One hardscape option may look great, but will it be able to protect another? Your landscape is made up of all the parts. Although a small misplaced hardscape option might seem insignificant, it can have a significant impact on drainage and erosion. Before installation can begin, it is important to address safety, drainage, structural and spatial concerns.

Landscape and hardscape together

Your landscape will be more successful if your hardscape project is within its scope. Your landscape will look great if you account for every runoff, patio dimension, and bench placement. It is more effective to control water runoff than to displace it.

Similar to the above, you should create hardscape that leads to the landscape’s destination. The focal points should be the pool, the house and shed as well as the gate. Your softscape should also play a role. Your hardscape should be complemented by softscaped bushes, gardens, and flower collections.


The area should feel natural. As they will help the surrounding architecture, your patio and pool deck should be considered “focal points”. A large focal point can often accommodate for any architecture that is lacking. Consider your focal point hardscape when designing a landscaping project. Next, you can branch out and create new innovations. You will see more softscape and overall landscape options as you design. Sometimes, the yard’s atmosphere will not be evident until all of its hardscape has been selected.

However, there is much to be said about “atmosphere first” projects. You should consider your island escape, woodland oasis, or mountain path. Don’t let spatial limitations stop you from considering these ideas. Many atmospheres are possible. It just takes a little imagination. New opportunities will emerge as your space grows. Over time, many hardscape projects change. Yard-based options change with the changing needs of households. Plan ahead and you will be able to create a stunning landscape.

Are you unsure where to begin planning? Get in touch with Conway Lawn Care Service today. We understand that the beauty of the outdoors is important to us. Your yard’s beauty is also important to us. We are here to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping projects.

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