lawn careMany homeowners just can’t get enough of holiday decorations. It’s not surprising to see of people decorating their lawn for the holidays. Here are some lawn care tips to make sure that your yard is kept safe as you embellish it for the festivities.

Lawn Care Tips When Decorating For The Holidays

Inflatables –  Another lawn care Conway tip is to move the inflatables regularly. Leaving them in the same spot for the entire holiday season will result into the death of the grass underneath.

Place decors on the patio – Instead of constantly rearranging inflatables, why don’t you place them and other heavy holiday decorations in your patio? Not only will you minimize your arranging time but also prevent causing damage to your lawn.

Don’t forget the sprinklers – You should know the layout of your irrigation and sprinkler system before decorating. You don’t want to stick anything to the ground only to find out in the spring that you’ve caused some damages to your sprinkler system.

Prevent lawn fires – Only electrical cords, lighting, and holiday decorations rated for outdoor use should be used outside. Whether they’re new or old, make it a habit to check to make sure that they have no damages and are working correctly.

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