lawn careWarm-season grass will turn brown as soon as the temperature drops below 55℉. However, it’s possible to keep your lawn green all year round because most regions don’t get deep snow or long freezes. Here are some lawn care tips to achieve year-round green grass:

7 Best Tips for a Green Lawn


It is simple and efficient to overseed your warm-season grass lawn with cold-resistant grass. This will help you maintain a green lawn through the winter months. The cool-season grass that you planted in autumn will flourish as your warm-season grass becomes dormant in colder weather. The cool-season grass will go dormant when it gets warmer, just as the heat-loving grasses come back to life.

Get Rid Of Leaves

Fallen leaves and other debris can block sunlight and cause your grass to become unhealthy. This can lead to unhealthy grass and dead spots. You must be diligent in the fall to maintain a green lawn throughout the winter months. Mulch or rake leaves quickly. Avoid letting them pile up for longer than a few days, especially if they are wet. Mulching fallen leaves can help you save time and increase your lawn’s nutrients and keep your lawn healthy . You can mow the fallen leaves several times until they are finely chopped. These leaves will quickly decompose and can be used to feed your grass.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Most experts consider fall to be the best season to fertilize your lawn. It will prepare your grass for next year and keep it in great condition throughout winter. Use a slow-release, high-nitrogen fertilizer. The growth of grass blades is accelerated by nitrogen, as well as the speed at which any grass clippings or mulched leaves are decomposed. Studies show that winter fertilization is beneficial even if you missed the fall fertilization window. You can feed the roots all year round by fertilizing them right before the frost or freeze.


Summer heat can often bake moisture from the ground, causing it to become compacted and making it harder for grasses and other plants to grow strong roots and take nutrients from the soil. Aerating decompresses the soil, which results in better fall and winter grass growth as well as greener coloration. You can rent a plug or core aerator at your local hardware store, and you can aerate in late fall or early winter when the ground has not frozen. This will allow for root growth and allows water and nutrients to penetrate the ground. You could also contact Conway Lawn Care Service to get professional lawn care services.

Continue To Water

It is essential that your grass receives enough water to stay green throughout winter. Winter lawns can’t be left alone. Winter droughts can quickly turn grass brown. Grass requires less water in winter than they do in summer, however. This is because there is more natural precipitation and water evaporates slower in cooler temperatures. Cut your watering schedule in half. Reduce the amount of watering you do by only doing it once a week. If you find that this isn’t enough and your grass starts to turn yellow or brown, increase your watering frequency slowly.

Use Lawn-Safe de-Icers

Salt kills grass. Salt kills grass if you are regularly deicing your driveway and steps. This is usually the reason for dead grass on paved areas.

Use Turf Colorant

Turf colorant is also known as grass paint. It artificially colors green dormant grass without causing damage to your yard. Turf colorant is an effective way to bring green winter grass to your yard if all other options have failed. A good turf colorant will cover large areas of your yard quickly and cost-effectively. It can be used on the entire yard or in areas that are prone to browning. Use a backpack sprayer or pump to apply the turf colorant. The turf colorant will not harm brown grass because it is not photosynthesizing and does not go dormant. You can simply mow it in spring when doing landscaping and let the new, green grass grow in its place.

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