conway lawn careIf you’re living in a place that’s rain-free, there will still be days when too much rain will put a damper on your lawn. Here are five lawn care tips that can help you with your lawn following heavy rain.

Lawn Care Tips After the Rain

Don’t mow your lawn

Even though it may be quite tempting to mow the lawn following a drenching shower, it could be one of the worst decisions you can do for your foliage. You should wait until the lawn is completely dry before you start mowing. If you do, it may lead to problems like ruts in your soil, compaction, or electrocution when you’re using an electric mower.

Keep Off Your Lawn

In terms of compaction, you should walk on your landscaping and cause some significant damage to the mower’s blades. If your lawn is wet, walking on it would cause some damage to your blades. If the lawn is wet, the grass will lose the natural spring that lets it stay resilient during the drier seasons if traffic is much more frequent.

Aerate Your Lawn

In case your lawn has become compacted, you could ask your Conway lawn care expert to aerate your grass. They would create tiny holes in your soil that would boost the drainage of your soil and improve growth while the grass recovers from this heavy rainfall.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Whenever rainfall floods through the lawn, it has a tendency to drown out all the nutrients that your grass needs to survive. You should replenish the lawn with the nutrients it needs by fertilizing it so that you can rebuild the health of your lawn.

Monitor Flooded Areas

It’s almost impossible to prevent your lawn from initial flooding. But, after the rainfall has started and your grass has flooded, you should check your lawn. Track all the areas that have been flooded and plan how you can even out these spots once the grass has died. If you level out the ground, then you are boosting the drainage of the lawn as you prepare for the next rainfall.

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