Do you have a new lawn in Conway? If so, then you need to understand exactly what the secrets to lawn care are.

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New lawn care involves three main parts: water, trimming, and traffic.

1. WaterNew Conway lawns must be watered daily during their very first few weeks. This is vital in brand-new yard care. Daily watering will assist the roots to get developed. Keep the turf extremely wet. If you are experiencing a drought in your location, or if you live in a really hot climate, you may have to water your brand-new lawn twice a day.

While the secret to new lawn care Conway requires keeping the turf moist, you should not over water your new yard to the point where it is a damp, muddy mess. Attempt to not saturate the soil. If puddles are forming in your lawn, you are watering too much. Excessive water in the soil can keep the roots of your brand-new turf from achieving deep roots.

If your turf starts to handle a gray color, it is telling you that it is not getting the water it requires. A quick way to see if your lawn is getting sufficient water is to utilize a knife or screwdriver to dig into the soil. The dirt ought to perspire to a depth of six inches.

Once your brand-new lawn has passed the two week period, you can minimize watering to 2 or three times per week. How often you water your brand-new yard at this phase will depend upon your environment. A brand-new yard in a dry environment or in an area that is experiencing considerable dry spell may have to be watered 4 or 5 times each week.

2. Cutting– New Conway lawn care standards for sod state that a first mowing can take place within the first three weeks of planting. However, there are those that wait about eight weeks prior to mowing.

Another key part of keeping the health of your brand-new yard is to never trim your lawn unless it is dry. Trimming on new, wet lawn can pull the newly rooted grass from the soil.

Never ever scalp your brand-new lawn yard. It is much better for your new yard turf to be a little high than to be too short. By allowing your new lawn grass to grow a little high before sufficing will guarantee that the turf is well rooted and developed prior to it undergoes the trauma of a mower blade.

3. TrafficYou need to try to restrict the quantity of traffic on your new lawn during the very first couple of weeks after planting. While it is unnecessary to keep all traffic off of your new yard, traffic needs to be kept to a minimum. You will not want your kids riding bikes or playing ball on your new yard grass.

A yard that is not safeguarded from high traffic can be damaged and pass away. Friction on the brand-new grass can pull up newly developed roots that are still weak. Reducing friction is essential for new yard care.

During the winter your lawn needs less care, however, you will need to be prepared when spring arrives. Give us a call to discuss your lawn care needs.

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