lawn careIn the northern area of the country, homeowners are hunkering down for the winter season. But those who are in the southern areas enjoy milder temperatures, which are perfect for getting rid of troublesome weeds in lawns that will soon become dormant. Here are some weed control tips you need to know.

Even though the lawns are dormant, a lot of weeds are beginning to become active during the fall season. They are called winter weeds. They could be perennial, biennial, or annual in terms of life cycles, and these winter weeds could be extremely difficult to deal with.

Types of Winter Weeds

The winter broadleaf annual weeds are considered to be the most troublesome of all types of weeds this season. A few good examples are parsley piert, lawn burweed, henbit, and chickweed.

Winter annuals generally germinate during the fall season and will grow once the colder temperature sets in. Then they will turn into flowers and then set seeds during spring and then die once summer comes. The seeds that they leave behind will once again germinate once the fall season comes.

Common Winter Weed Control Methods

You can use broadleaf weed control products to treat most of these winter weeds. You can find them in home improvement stores, garden centers, and hardware stores. You can also hire a winter lawn care company to take care of this for you. They offer services that focus on weed control before it becomes a major problem in your lawn. In most instances, these weeds can become a distraction to the uniform appearance of the lawn and could possibly overtake the grasses you want to see in your yard.

Winter weeds are annoying particularly the annual bluegrass that’s called poa annua. It has two germination periods. The first one is during late summer while the other one is during later winter or early spring.

You can’t use broadleaf weed control products on these annual bluegrass because these are in the grass family. Using a pre-emergent weed control product is a better option to control annual bluegrass.

Pre-emergent weed control will stop the growth of a new plant from the seed that gets left behind. Annual bluegrass produces a lot of seeds. The pre-emergent weed control product is not only effective at controlling crabgrass but also in inhibiting the growth of annual bluegrass.

Dealing with weeds in winter on the warm season turfgrasses would help make sure that the lawn would become more attractive during spring. The very best method to control weed is a well fertilized and thick lawn that gets enough moisture and mowed high during its growth season. But it’s better to call a winter lawn care Conway expert to help you with your lawn.

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