lawn care ConwayIf there’s a great ground cover for dogs, it’s grass. It is soft and doesn’t have toxin-related problems and as long as you mow it regularly, then it’s unlikely to harbour pests like ticks. With proper lawn care and choosing the right grass, your dogs will be able to have fun and make the most out of your lawn.

There are types of grasses that are better for dogs than others. For example, there are grasses that are less likely to be negatively affected by your dog’s urine. There are also some type of grasses that can withstand heavy traffic compared to others.

You’re not expected to get rid of your existing lawn so you can replace it with a new one but if you are planning to make changes to your landscape, then you may want to consider choosing from certain types of grass that work well with dogs.

How can dogs destroy lawns?

Dogs can damage your lawn grass in certain ways. Peeing is one good example. Urine contains urea, which is made up of a ton of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a crucial resource for plants and grass because it assists them in creating new tissues and aid their growth.

However, too much amounts of nitrogen will burn plants and lead to brown patches of grass, which may eventually die. Some homeowners train their pets to pee and poop in a certain spot so they can limit the damage. This may be a great strategy but it may take you some time to train your dog.

Just like peeing, poop contains nitrogen, moisture, and bacteria, which can disturb the microflora of the soil and promote the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria.

Digging can damage the grass blades and may rip up the grass roots. It may also cause some damage to the underlying soil as well. The exposed part of the soil can dry out and the repetitive pawing of your lead to soil compaction. Running may also crush the blades of the grass and dislodge the turf swatches.

Types of Grasses That Can Cope With Your Dog

Kentucky Bluegrass – it is one of the hardiest grass available. It has a rapid growth rate, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and possesses a hardy nature.

Perennial Ryegrass – creates a strong root system. It grows fast and it’s ideal for cool climates.

Fescue – Fescues are hardy grasses that are good at absorbing moisture. It can handle the indignities of your dog.

Bermuda – it is a common choice among homeowners who live in warmer climates. It rarely requires supplemental irrigation and can also withstand high traffic areas.

Zoysia – it is a popular choice among homeowners with dogs. It is tolerant to drought and hardy once it’s fully grown.

Regardless of the type of grass you choose, there are a few things that you need to do as part of your lawn care Conway routine if you have a dog. You need to dilute your dog’s pee, and don’t forget to pick up your dog’s poop. You should also encourage your dog to enjoy your whole yard and don’t let them play if the grass is wet.

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