lawn careIt can be fun to decorate and prepare for the holidays. Holiday decorating supplies have become more expensive and larger over the past two decades. You can now find items that used to be only available in drive-thru displays on the lawns of many residential homes. The season has transformed lawns that were once drab due to lack of use and are now thriving. How can we prepare our lawns to welcome the holiday season? Here are some lawn care tips you need to know.

Lawn Care Tips For The Holidays

Our lawn can be laden with leaves and other debris during the fall season. It is a good time to winterize the landscape since there is no growth. Clean out dead leaves and clean out gardens and annuals. Dead or dying plants can litter flower boxes and under shrubbery. You can remove the plants that are not going to return in spring and cut back perennials that will.

Remove Dead Leaves

You can rake or mulch the leaves. Leaves on lawns can lead to mildew and fungus. Visitors to your home can also slip on leaves that are left on the lawn. You can either dispose of them in compost or bag them and then dispose of them according to your local regulations. You may have to do this several times during the fall.

Fall Fertilizing

This is the best time to fertilize. The fall fertilizer will help keep your lawn greener for a longer period of time, and will also make it greener earlier in the year. Many lawn care experts provide fertilization services. They will use the right fertilizers for every season. This simplifies the process for homeowners and allows you to spend more time holiday shopping.

Aerate and Mulch

Another key to a healthy lawn is aeration. This allows nutrients, air, and water to reach the roots. This is great for lawns with high traffic and lawns with holiday decorations.

Apply a layer of mulch to your flower and vegetable beds to keep them protected. This will encourage the spring buds to grow. Any weeds that remain in the fall can be choked out by fresh mulch.

Mow Your Lawn

Late fall is a good time to take your mower out and trim your lawn about 1-2 inches shorter than the growing season. The final mow should take place when your grass has stopped growing in the winter.

Keep Decorations Away From The Lawn

You might consider decorating the walkways and sidewalks of your holiday party home. You can guide your guests along the walkway by placing candy canes and lights strung together. This will avoid foot traffic on your lawn. When the lawn is heavily used, it can be more vulnerable to damage and matting. Hire a lawn care expert if you need help maintaining your yard.

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