tree removalTrees provide shields of protection along your property’s edges. They are the masterpieces of mother nature in your backyard. They are comforting, beautiful and sometimes even considered as family. So getting rid of a tree from your yard and your life could be an experience that’s difficult for you and your family. However, you will need a tree removal service if the tree in your landscape is posing a risk to the objects below it or the people around. Here are some of the signs that you need to have a tree removed.

Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

Determining if a tree is dead is a two person task. You and your arborist will take on a crucial role in making sure that your yard is safe from a potentially dangerous tree.

Here are a few things you can do. You can begin by scratching a tiny piece of bark off the twigs of the tree. In case the layer below the bark is dry and brown, then your tree could be in big trouble. Look for other indications that the tree is dead such as:

  • Growing mushroom or other decay producing fungi at the trunk’s base
  • Cracks in the tree’s trunk or peeling or chipped bark
  • Huge scaffold branches as well as cavities in the tree’s trunk
  • Hanging or dead branches in the tree’s upper crown
  • Fine twigs that do not have living buds close to the ends of the tree branches

In case you see at least one of these symptoms, it is the best time to call in a professional tree removal service such as Conway Lawn Care Services.

Should get rid of your tree or hire an expert do it for you?

If you work with an expert, they will check the tree and evaluate if it needs to be removed. You will also be provided with an estimate.

Get rid of a tree on your own could be a risky endeavour, especially if you need to climb a ladder while bringing cumbersome tools to get rid of those bulky branches. These are a few of the risks that are associated if you wish to go the DIY route. Meanwhile, a lawn care Conway SC professional who is educated, insured, and licensed on how to get rid of trees safely is the best person to get this job done.

Safety Issues of A Dead Tree

A dead tree may not appear like it will cause any problem to your house. But it will, eventually. Once it has been determined that a tree is no longer living during your lawn maintenance routine inspection, it is already considered as a safety hazard even if it does not have a leaning trunk or hanging branches.

The indications of a dead tree are subtle however you should take them seriously. You should make it habit to check the health of your tree as part of your lawn care routine.  A dead tree will pose a great risk not only to you and your family, too. Not only that, it will also pose a risk to your home. Dead trees are also unpredictable and they can break at any time, which could cause you injury or damage to your home.


Call Conway Lawn Care Services now if you need to remove a tree from your property.


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