lawn careLandscape and lawn maintenance should not be difficult in theory. It’s as easy as trimming, watering, and applying fertilizer. Landscape maintenance can lead to a lot of problems. Perhaps your grass is dying or your lawn has been overgrown by weeds.

It takes patience and time to create a beautiful garden and lawn. Here’s everything you need to know about landscape maintenance, from pruning to fertilization to pest control.

Tips and tricks for landscape and lawn maintenance

1. Healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy lawn

Loam soil is best for healthy lawns. It should contain a mix of clay, silt and sand. This soil is excellent at holding nutrients and moisture. This allows for proper air circulation, which creates the ideal foundation for plant growth.

Weeds thrive in soils that are not well-nutrients. Healthy soil is home to a wide variety of microscopic organisms. This mixture of living organisms helps to create optimal growing conditions and strengthen your lawn’s resistance to pests and diseases. Your grass will grow deeper roots, which will allow it to thrive throughout the year.

How can you keep your lawn soil healthy? Your soil should be rich in organic matter, such as shredded leaves and peat moss.  Organic mulching can protect your soil from weed growth, germination, and retain soil moisture. You should remove weeds from your grass as they can eat nutrients.

It might be worth getting your soil tested. Your soil may not be as rich as you think. Most grasses prefer a pH between 6.0 and 7.2. You can easily adjust soil pH by adding lime or iron to increase it.

2. Take care to tread and toss

Too much foot traffic can cause soil compaction. Take extra care when walking on your garden soil. Compaction reduces soil density, which prevents roots from reaching the soil. Your plants and grass will not be able to extract nutrients from the soil.

Compaction issues could be a problem if your lawn soil feels hard or looks stressed. To improve your lawn’s flow of nutrients and oxygen, you should aerate it at least once per year. You have two options: hire a professional landscape maintenance company to do the job for you, or buy aerators so that you can do it yourself.

3. Re-assess your mowing techniques

Mowing too short is the number one reason for a poor lawn. It’s crucial to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the year. As you can burn the roots, you should never cut more than 1/3 off an existing grass blade. This will reduce water retention and mean that you’ll need to water your yard more often.

It is important to choose the right grass variety for your area. This grass is more maintenance-friendly and will look great.

4. Water should be used correctly

This doesn’t mean that you need to water more. You just need to modify the way you water. Instead, water your lawn deeply.

A healthy and lush lawn is not necessarily a sign of water conservation. For lawn grasses to maintain a healthy appearance, they need at least 1 inch of rain per year. Supplemental irrigation is a must if it doesn’t rain often in your area. It is not a hard and fast rule to water deeply. This simply means that your water in a way that soaks soil. Most plant roots don’t sit close to the surface.

A drip irrigation system is a good investment as it will water your grass slowly and reduce evaporation.

5. Mulch for your flowerbeds

Mulching is important due to a few reasons.

  • It protects the soil from heat and cold by insulating it
  • It helps retain soil moisture
  • It prevents soil compaction
  • This prevents weeds from growing in your flowerbeds
  • It controls soil erosion and helps to preserve the fertile soil layer.

6. Early intervention is key to removing aggressive weeds

It is best to get rid of weeds as soon as they appear. They will grow deeper the longer you leave them. Although you can use an organic herbicide to control weeds, good cultural practices are the best.

  • Take care of your soil’s health
  • Mow clippings can be left on the grass to provide nutrients and protection.
  • Wildflowers can be given a portion of your lawn
  • Don’t cut your grass too short

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