lawn careYour lawn takes a beating from many things including heavy rains. Grass cannot survive longer than four days when it is underwater. Your grass will become flooded and waterlogged because of heavy rains. Plus, it could also lead to soil erosion. You must take extra precaution when it comes to lawn care after heavy rains to prevent it from getting damaged. What do you need to do to make sure that your lawn is kept verdant and lush after heavy rains?

Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

Don’t Mow

You must never mow a wet lawn. You have to wait until it’s completely dried out before you cut it. If you mow a wet lawn, you will cause compaction and development of ruts within the soft ground. Electric mowers and wet or damp lawns don’t go well together. If your lawn is dry enough to mow, you should use the highest cutting height option available.

Keep Off

Stay off the wet grass. You should not walk on it because doing so can damage the grass blades. You have to wait for the water to completely subside before you can walk on your lawn. Generally speaking, you should be able to walk on your lawn without leaving wet footprints behind.

Take Notes

Check your lawn for spots where water usually collects and stands. When you’ve figured out where these areas are, you can fix them by levelling out the ground or by making some improvements to the drainage to the area.


A flooded lawn can benefit from aeration. You should aerate it manually using a power aerator or a garden fork.

Clean The Silt

Heavy rains can leave silt behind on your lawn. The silt may be contaminated and that’s why you should always be cautious when you are working in your yard after heavy rains. You should wear boots and rubber gloves. Don’t forget to cover open wounds. Get rid of any debris or silt by washing it off using a hose or by raking it up. This will give the ground a way to breathe and take in more sunlight.

Get Rid Of Moss

Moss and algae growth on your lawn are the common effects of flooding after heavy rains. You can always rake them away but you may need the help of a lawn care specialist to make sure that it never grows back.

Look Out For Fairy Rings

Mushrooms also pop up after a flood. They are harmless and can be removed by moving. However, mushrooms can cause a lot of problems if they grow in a fairy ring. The grass that is enclosed by mushrooms in a circle tend to die because they compete with the mushrooms for water. Get rid of the mushrooms right away especially if they are growing in fairy rings.


Heavy rains could wash away important nutrients that your lawn requires in order to thrive. You could get these nutrients by fertilizing your lawn. Even after your lawn begins to recover, you should continue applying the fertilizer because it will help healthy roots to grow. This is an essential lawn care Conway tip you need to know.

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