lawn careDespite where and how long you might have lived in a certain place, there will come a time that it will be hit by an extreme storm. It might be a blizzard, an extreme thunderstorm, a wind storm, and even a typhoon or twister. No matter the source, these kinds of storms can damage or uproot your trees and shrubs which in turn can damage your home advises a lawn care professional.

Steps To Tidy Up Safely After a Storm Damages Your Lawn

  1. Inspect to make sure that none of the branches that have fallen are resting on power lines. When this happens, you have to call your local electrical service for them to get rid of the branches. Do not ever attempt to do it on your own as this is not a task for the typical house owner and might lead to physical damage. It is best to let a lawn care expert handle this kind of scenario.
  2. Let them inspect the various tree branches that may also need to be trimmed. These branches may pose threat to upcoming storms. Look at old branches that have been fracture by recent storms or branches that are prone to breaking because of a disease.
  3. Lawn care after a storm includes cutting any damaged branches that can quickly be reached. When making the cut, pick a place simply above a lateral branch. Never cut the damaged limb in the middle, leaving an area with no lateral branches near the cut end. Cutting near to a lateral branch will permit brand-new development at that point. Cutting in the middle will lead to a dead branch from the closest lateral branch to the end of the stump.
  4. If big areas of your tree have fallen down and remain in a precarious position, it might be better to call a tree removal expert. The same action holds true if big branches have broken beyond your reach by basing on the ground to make the cuts. You might have the ability to utilize a pole pruner to reach smaller sized branches that are less than 6 inches in size. Once again, take care as a big limb can fall in an unforeseeable way. Never ever climb a ladder to utilize a pole viewed as the backward and forward movement of sawing might lead to the ladder toppling.
  5. Most of the times, the branches that have fallen are either dead or remained in a stressed out condition and might not endure the extra tension of high winds. Be practical when dealing with the pruning and cleaning up the fallen and broken branches. Contact your local lawn care Conway service when big branches are broken and stay in the tree. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Cleaning your lawn after a storm can be very time-consuming and dangerous, be sure to call Conway Lawn Care Service.

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