lawn careAs with any garden, your lawn deserves just as much care as any other. A well-maintained lawn will bring all elements together and create a space that is inviting to relax and have fun. It can also improve curb appeal. That’s why lawn care is essential.

Lawn care can be a lot more involved than people realize. This involves trimming, watering, and fertilizing your lawn. To ensure that your turf is healthy and free from disease, a thorough lawn care program includes services such as pest control and soil testing. This is in addition to the lawn maintenance tasks like removing leaves, trimming borders, and mowing grass.

It can be difficult to keep your lawn lush and healthy. These lawn maintenance tips will make it easier to maintain a lush, green lawn.

1. Create a Lawn Care Calendar

Mowing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. You should mow your lawn once per week in the summer and once every two weeks throughout the year.

You can make your lawn look great if you have established it. Then, the priority should be to keep it healthy all year. Fall is the best time to begin your lawn treatment, as it’s still warm enough for growth.

2. Learn about your soil

Healthy soil is the best way to create a lush, green lawn. A thick, organic lawn is the best thing for your soil’s health. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

A soil test is the best way to determine the needs of your lawn. You can learn which fertilizer to use and what levels of potassium and phosphorus are needed by taking a soil sample with you to your local extension office.

All other information is guesswork, and could lead you to fertilize your lawn too often, which could result in your grass dying.

3. Natural Lawn Fertilizers

Your lawn will look lush and green thanks to nitrogen. The lawn should be fertilized at least twice per year, in spring and fall. Organic matter is used to fertilize lawns. They can help improve lawn health without adding harmful substances to soil or water.

Spring feed should contain high levels of nitrogen, depending on how healthy your soil is, while autumn feed should have high levels of phosphorous and potassium, which will help the grass withstand harsh winter conditions.

4. “Grass-Cycle”, Your Grass Clippings

Grasscycling simply refers to the practice of leaving grass clippings on your lawn after you have mowed. The clippings will eventually break down and improve your soil’s health as they are rich in nutrients and moisture. Additionally, grass clippings are quick to decompose, giving your lawn a ready supply of nutrients.

Grasscycling can improve the lawn’s texture by retaining more water. It is also environmentally friendly.

5. You can aerate your lawn

Spiking or aerating is the process of perforating the soil using small holes. This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. It helps to reduce soil compaction and improves growth. For best results, aerate your lawn in the  spring and autumn to remove any soil compaction.

Keep in mind that weeds, thatch, and moss can block air and nutrients and will prevent growth.

6. Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Targeted Weed Management

You can improve the lawn’s natural defenses by controlling weeds. It will also reduce your lawn’s need for future maintenance. Understanding the basics of weed control is essential.

  • Different types of weeds
  • They are in their growing seasons
  • These conditions can guide you in how to treat them.

You need to get rid of weeds as soon as possible. If your yard is overgrown with weeds, you can use weeding tools to remove deep-rooted dandelions. To stop weeds from germinating, you can also use a pre-emergent herbicide.

7. Watering

It is essential that your lawn receives enough water to be bright green. It’s not clear how much or how often your lawn should be irrigated. Your lawn will die if it gets too little water. Too much water can cause your lawn to shrivel up.

The best way to water your lawn is to water it deeply and only when you need it unless it’s extremely dry. It’s best to use a consistent irrigation schedule if the weather is particularly dry.

A lawn care expert can help you to maintain a perfect lawn.

You can perform simple tasks every day and weekly to maintain your lawn. A landscaping professional can help you if you have to deal with pests or bare patches.

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