lawn careApplying water is the obvious answer to lawn care when it comes to relieving stress on lawns during drought conditions. Infrequent and deep watering that reaches the root system is the best situation. This must be done when the lawn is showing the first sign of drought stress. These indicators are footprints still visible after walking across the lawn, darkening color of the grass, and wilting of the grass.

Lawn Care Tips  During Hot and Dry Weather

Different factors including watering restrictions, site factors, and the budget may make this difficult to do. If an organic lawn care Conway program has been set, the organic matter that has been utilized to topdress as well as the enhanced soil structure will help extend the greening period much farther into the summer well before the lawn becomes dormant. The improved soil structure will let the grass plant to make the most out of the moisture present as well as the food uptake into the grasses. A great soil structure will help the lawn go back to its active growth and aid in its fast recovery.

Don’t Add Too Much Water

When the cool season turfgrasses have become dormant, you should leave them in that state instead of adding too much water in hopes that the grass will become green again. Breaking the dormancy will drain the plant’s reserves and if the conditions stay dry and the weather remains hot, the plant will not be able to replace their reserves. Lawns will become dorman during a typical summer season and it will resume its growth once the conditions are better. The drawback of dormancy is the lawn’s appearance as well as the risk of encountering problems such as weed invasions.

You’re probably wondering how to keep your lawn alive. You may apply about ½ inch of water within 2 to 4 weeks to keep the moisture in the roots and crown so that the turf could survive and then grow once again once the weather improves.

Mow The Lawn Higher

During summer, you should mow your lawn grass higher at about 2.4 to three inches. You should mow frequently so that no more than 1/3 of the blade of the leaf is removed in any single cutting. When the turf is taller, the soil will have more shade, which will help conserve its moisture.

Keep Nitrogen in Check

Don’t apply too much nitrogen fertilizer during dry and hot conditions. If you do, the lawn will grow too much at a time when they should be dormant. You have to wait until September to fertilize your lawn. Lawn care experts said that fertilizers that have enough potassium aside from nitrogen. If you are growing the lawn using organic materials, there will be enough nitrogen but you should never apply in excess.

Limit Lawn Traffic

If possible, don’t walk on the lawn because it will lead to drought stress because of the poor lawn conditions. During drought, the lawn will be stressed out and it will show soil compaction, high pH, clay fill, and poor root conditions.

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