Lawn careSpring is a popular time for lawn care because of the milder weather. Homeowners would like to make the most out of the cooler temperature and the possibility of more rainy days before the hot season starts.

Take advantage of the milder spring weather with our lawn care Conway SC tips for fertilizing and controlling weed.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Finding The Best Spring Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn fertilizer application for spring could help in jumping start growth and offer nutrients to the warm season grass after it has been awakened from being dormant during the colder weather. That’s when grass starts to grow, so having all these nutrients in early springtime could help in keeping your lawn appearing fresh.

The best time to add fertilizer in the spring is March or April, when the grass would begin to turn green. The kinds of nutrients that fertilizers contain include potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential key nutrient in fertilizer and could assist in making your lawn thrive.

An excellent way to know what nutrients your lawn needs is by performing a soil test so you’ll know the pH of the soil in the yard and know what nutrients the soil needs. Generally speaking, the best option for spring application is the NPK slow release fertilizer.

Make sure that you only apply enough fertilizer to your lawn. The grass you have in your lawn and the size of your lawn should be considered. You should apply the appropriate amount of nitrogen to your lawn.

Weed Control For Spring

You could also get a head start on controlling weeds during spring. Crabgrass, clovers, and dandelions could being to grow and spread during this season. The most dreaded grass type of weed is the crabgrass since it could appear in even the most well cared and manicured lawns. Crabgrass grows a lot faster than the usual lawn grass, which means it can easily dominate your lawn.

You should apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent crabgrass and spring weeds from germinating. However, it must be applied once the soil remains at 55 degrees for a few days.

Spring is also the perfect time to start a grub worm preventative program. If it began in early spring, then it will have a bigger chance of moving through the soil and could be prepared to fight off grubs during the hatching season come late July.

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