lawn careAlthough we have has some rain, the Conway area is still considered in a drought. If you are landscaping for a dry climate you should begin your design at the same place as you would if you were landscaping or doing your lawn care routine for any other climate: find what plants are best suited to the local conditions and use that as your starting point.

There are plants for most climates, and climates for all plants, and so there is the possibility of creating a garden in most climates too; the trick is always to ensure you know the local climate and soil well enough to be able to draw up a list of what would be appropriate to your location. In fact, in unusual climates, such as the very dry, gardening can be a challenge not just in what plants to grow but also in how best to design the most effective landscape both for plant health and for aesthetic enjoyment.

Dry Landscaping for Water Conservation

In dry climates, lack of water and high temperatures are the big issues. Water conservation can often be a concern so that it is not a case of just watering more frequently since that may not be possible; therefore, efficient plants able to grow under such restrictions are generally the best option unless you have an endless supply of water. Such restrictions not only affect the plants you choose but also the overall garden design which means that ground cover such as grass may not be a viable option for you; there are grasses available which can survive in such terrain but there are also other options. Dry landscaping Conway SC using natural rocks, gravel, stone and wood can be the source of a strong and visually interesting garden design while using little in the way of water resources.

If you stick with the most natural plants for your climate then there are plenty of visual cues for ornamentation and decoration in images of these plants in their natural environment; in fact, it is often where they look most attractive. Rocks, stones, gravel and sand can add color to your garden or yard which might normally only be found in a flowering plant. Low maintenance is a very positive benefit of this sort of garden too. If planned and designed properly, yard maintenance for a dry climate can produce a unique and visually interesting environment.

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