lawn careAn important aspect of lawn care and maintenance is basic repair and solutions to common backyard problems. Aside from taking care and maintaining your backyard landscape, homeowners should also learn about basic repairs and solutions so that they can instantly resolve common problems in their backyard.

Here are some of the common lawn care problems that most homeowners encounter as well as tips on how to resolve them.

  1. Eroding backyard slope

This is most common for those landscapes with multiple levels and terrains. A backyard slope is indeed a beautiful addition to a backyard with a hilly terrain. On the other hand, it may cease to be a great idea once the rainy season begins. Rainwater will cause the slope to wash down to the lower level where your flower bed or patio is located. What is worse is that storms and continuous rains may cause the entire slope to tumble down.

For this problem, experts recommend installing a dry creek bed on the slope to control the erosion. When the rain comes, rainwater will fill the dry creek bed and prevent the rainwater from causing slope erosion. To create a dry creek bed, all you need to do is create a gully or trough and fill it with rocks to direct the flow of water away from the slope and onto you drainage or somewhere else in our backyard. It works best if you use different sizes of rocks as these will allow the creek bed to carry and direct water more effectively.

  1. Unhealthy grass growth

This often happens if you plant grass near or underneath large trees. You should know that heavy shades from large trees prevent the grass from growing healthy and full. Thus, you cannot plant grass in areas where your large trees cast heavy shade.

To avoid these empty areas in your backyard, consider planting shade-tolerant plants instead. You can also opt to create attractive garden paths in these areas to add more beauty and appeal to your landscape. Make sure you consult professionals when choosing which specific plants to use in these shaded areas. Note that you need to choose plants that are shade tolerant and are able to cope with dry soil and root competition with your large trees. Conway Lawn Care Service can help you choose shade-tolerant plants and plan for your shade garden paths.

  1. Growing plants on clay soil

Some homeowners have clay soil in their gardens and backyards, especially in the Myrtle Beach area. The only problem to this is that clay soil can get mushy when wet and hard like concrete when dry. Thus, growing plants in this particular type of soil can be a challenge.

To make it easier to grow plants in clay soil, lawn care Conway experts suggest adding expanded shale to the clay soil. The expanded shale will create cavities in the clay soil where oxygen and water can be stored; thus preventing its mushy texture when wet and concrete-like appearance when dry.

You should know that the primary reason why plants are having difficulties growing in clay soil is that they do not get sufficient amount of oxygen and water from the soil. Keep in mind that they need these in order to make their own food, survive and grow. Adding shale to the clay soil will provide the soil with cavities where it can store oxygen and water for the plants’ use. Note that adding shale is done only once. It is not like fertilizer or compost that you need to add more than once throughout your lawn’s lifetime.

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