lawn careMost homeowners will tell you not to mow a damp grass, not only will it damage your mower it will distress your lawn. But there will be times when you have no choice than to mow a damp grass. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know.

Five Lawn Care Tips For You

  1. One lawn care tip to maintain a healthy lawn, specifically in moist mowing conditions, is using a sharp blade. You need to sharpen your lawn mower blades first because dull blades create added tension to your grass Instead of cutting it, the grass is shredded.
  2. If your grass contains cool-season grass, you’ll wish to increase your lawn mower deck to at least three to four inches. Most homeowners make the mistake of cutting the grass too short which triggers, even more, issues that are amplified by damp conditions. You need to remember that lawn mowers cannot cut through very short grasses when it is wet, might as well increase you mower deck a few inches higher.
  3. Clean up after mowing. Wet grass cuttings hold on to the bottom of a lawn mower deck and develop a soaked layer that rapidly develops into a musty mess. If your lawn mower has a washout port, you have to use it to clean up the deck.
  4. Rather than bagging or mulching, set up your lawn mower to the highest setting and place the side discharge in position to cut. Your grass will certainly have rows of cuttings that you could cut once again after they dry out for a few
  5. Do not overfill your lawn mower with gas– just put in enough to use for a couple of weeks. Ethanol in the fuel can attract moisture, which could impact your mowing. Stop gas contamination by utilizing a stabilizer when loading your lawn mower and just buy more when needed.

Rain means your grass gets enough water and can grow healthy. However, you need to make sure to trim it every few days to prevent it from getting too long. Long grass becomes unsightly when wet.

Lawn care Conway can be fun and rewarding but some people really do not have the time to do so. This is why you can count on Conway Lawn Care Service to help with your lawn care needs.

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