lawn carePlanning and timing are important factors when sharing advice, but did you know that they are also important when it comes to lawn care? This is my useful tip of the month: Insects can be devastating to your lawn.

In the Conway/Carolina Forest area, the main culprits tend to be chinch bugs and mole crickets. Mole crickets are a common problem in Centipede and Bermuda lawns, while chinch bugs primarily affect St. Augustine lawns. If not properly controlled, these pests will cause large areas of your lawn to die.

What are chinch bugs?

Chinch bugs suck sap from the host plant while also injecting a toxin causing the grass to turn yellow and eventually die. Damage appears much quicker on lawns that are under stress from drought or heat. St. Augustine lawns should be sampled regularly for chinch bug activity and treated with insecticide as needed.

Mole crickets are a bit tougher to treat. Successful mole cricket management requires regular monitoring and patience. It is not a one-time, one-insecticide application. Pest control is dependent upon an annual, well-timed plan. Timing is as important as the choice of insecticide in this case. With mole crickets, the major effort of elimination should be focused toward young nymphs.

Lawn Care Tips For Pest Control

  • Conway Lawn Care Service says that ideally, problem areas should be mapped in the spring when adults are present as these are the areas where most nymphs will be found later. June to early August is the best time for treatment of these pests, while the nymphs are most sensitive to treatments. There are several insecticides available to treat both cinch bugs and mole crickets; however, if treating these pests yourselves, it is essential to read the label carefully to be certain that you apply the products at the correct rate and at the correct time of year.
  • There is also information available online that explains lawn care Conway techniques used to test your lawn for signs of these destructive insects. Don’t let your lawn be a victim to these pests. Just remember, timing is critical and the time to act is now.Be sure to check out for more insect control tips on books or magazines which are available at your local bookstore.
  • When in doubt, always ask for professional help. In this case, seek the help of a lawn care company to be sure you get rid of the bugs safely and effectively.

So get out there and get busy, OR call Conway Lawn Care Service to schedule a time for us to take a look at your lawn and see if we can help.

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