lawn careDo you want to keep a deep green and lush lawn? Then, you should know that controlling weeds should be part of your lawn care routine. And you know for a fact that it’s not something you can achieve at a single time. Birds, winds, and your lawnmower, as well as your feed, are always giving new weed seeds to your lawn. Moreover, most of these seeds will stay in the soil for as long as 50 years. And, they’ll be waiting for the perfect moment to germinate, sprout, and torment you because of their presence.

But don’t give up on your lawn maintenance routine. Achieving and keeping that perfect lawn needs some year-round attention. Also, a diligent method in spring means that you will spend more time having fun in your lawn and much less time maintaining it throughout the summer and fall seasons.

Lawn Care: What are the types of weed killers?


The pre-emergent class, which includes pendimethalin and dithiopyr, stops all seeds from germinating, including grass seed. You must be aware that the grass seed cannot be added for six to 12 weeks following the application. Of course, you need to check the label of the product you plan to use. Additionally, another chemical, such as siduron, can stop weeds only from starting, letting grass seeds continue to germinate. But it is also more expensive and should be used sparingly.


These herbicides are entirely on a different level. You can add them as weeds start to appear on your lawn, as they should get in touch with the actively growing leaves so they can do their job. Furthermore, these herbicides are applied at different intervals during late spring through late spring until summer, as weeds enter their intense growth period.

lawn careMany post-emergent chemicals or selective herbicides can kill only specific classes of plants in the lawn while leaving desirable turf grasses untouched during your lawn care routine. Besides, there is the non-selective option, which can kill any plant that’s growing. Almost all of them will contain a chemical that’s called glyphosate, which is an effective plant killer.

Choosing Weed Control Solutions

You need to select the appropriate weed control treatment to deal with the specific weeds that are popping up in your lawn. A lot of people are reluctant to utilize any kind of inorganic chemicals for their lawn care routine due to environmental reasons. Nevertheless, for such homeowners, there are other available organic herbicides. They range from commercial preparations to regular household vinegar. Also, they contain a mix of soaps, salts, and vinegar.

There are non-chemical alternatives for weed control, too. Likewise, some homeowners prefer environmentally safe yet effective gardening methods, which is why they look for non-chemical means of dealing with weeds. Some use corn gluten meal instead of pre-emergent lawn weed control. It comes with the same characteristics but needs to be timed carefully to be effective.

If you’re looking for expert assistance in getting rid of weeds in your lawn, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional lawn care service in Conway SC. Additionally, they can provide tailored solutions to ensure your lawn stays lush and weed-free throughout the seasons.

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