lawn careEvery homeowner would want a thick, green and healthy yard in the springtime which is why lawn care professionals advise on giving your lawn extra care this fall.

Here are several ways to achieve that:

  1. Get rid of the leaves regularly

A yard full of vibrant fall leaves might look great and be enjoyable to play in, however, they’re no great for the lawn. They obstruct the light and trap wetness, which is deadly for grasses underneath. This is why it is important to continue raking the leaves to prevent them from stacking up.

  1. Cut grass regularly and in the appropriate height

Do not keep your lawn mower just yet. As grass continues to grow, you will need to cut and keep it at a perfect 2 1/2- to 3-inch height. If you let it grow too long, it will mat and be susceptible to snow mold, a type of fungus. If you cut it too low, can be as bad because it cuts the root system. Doing this can hamper the yard’s capability to hold up against winter season cold and dryness.

  1. Never skip watering

Lawn care Conway professionals keep reminding homeowners to continue watering even during fall. If your yard is not getting at least an inch of water a week– an easy rain gauge is a helpful method to keep track– then keep the sprinklers or watering system running up until October. By that time, pipes start to freeze so you’ll want to detach them.

  1. Add fertilizer

As yard roots need water, they also need fertilizer to keep them alive during the cold winter season. This is why landscape professionals advise a late-fall application of a slow-release granular 24-0-10 fertilizer. The numbers suggest the portion by weight of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, respectively.

  1. Remain on schedule.

Every step mentioned above should be accomplished at a specific time to have the best outcomes. Just like when you fertilize your lawn too late or too early, the lawn will send out up tender blades that will get hammered by the cold or grassroots will not be able to absorb them effectively.

If you feel that doing these tasks during fall is impossible for you, you can always contact a professional lawn care company to do it for you. These companies will prove to be effective since they have heavy equipment like aerators and seeders. Entrusting a couple of those tasks to a professional throughout this hectic season will make sure the work gets done when it needs to– which you will be taking pleasure in a thick green lawn next year.

For reliable lawn care services this fall, call Conway Lawn Care Services.


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