lawn careSod Lawn or turf lawn is basically grass or turf that has already been planted and held together by the soil and other materials. This type of lawn is mostly used in golf courses but can also be used in your yard. If you recently bought a new sod lawn and had it installed, you need to understand a few basic lawn care guides.

You need to deal with taking care of your brand-new sod lawn to make it last. One thing you need to remember is not to buy one until you are ready to install it. New sod lawns should never be left for more than a few days or they will  eventually dry out.

When you are most likely to buy grass, you need to choose one that is freshly cut. You need to additionally try to find turf that has been planted in soil that resembles those in your yard. When you install your sod lawn, try not to leave any type of space in between each row. This will allow weeds to expand and grow.

Care Guide for New Sod Lawns

First to Second Weeks

According to Conway Lawn Care Service, a newly laden sod lawn should be watered regularly so as not to absorb heat. Water it enough so it could pass through about six inches of depth. Do these for the first two weeks after the turf has been installed. You could water your brand-new turf yard as much as 5 times a day and do not worry about overwatering them. The trick is keeping the lawn damp to give the roots time to settle.

In our hot and humid weather, installing a sprinkler system for you new lawn is highly recommended.  We can assist with the selection and installation of your sprinkler system.

Professionals of lawn care in Conway SC suggest keeping family members and pets off your brand-new lawn until it’s time to mow it. More often than not, sod lawns are ready to be cut approximately two weeks after installation. Nonetheless, if your sod was installed in the cool months, it might be a while before mowing is needed. Remember that it is far better to cut high than to ruin your brand-new yard

Third and Fourth Weeks

Throughout the 3rd and 4th weeks, another lawn care tip you do is begin to lessen watering your lawn but at least increase how much time you water. The roots, at this point, have already settled into the ground due to constant watering which makes them more sturdy. You can check this by pulling grass during the fourth week, you must use also use fertilizer on your sod lawn.

Solutions for Sod Lawn Problems

Roots Are Not Settling

If you believe that your lawn’s roots are not settling quickly enough, you should at least water less frequently but with more soaking time. Also, you should be able to recognize that, sod lawns grow fuller and with more color in complete sunlight compared to those under the shade.

Grass is Shrinking

If this is the case, your grass may not be getting sufficient water. To solve this problem, lawn care specialists suggest starting raising the period and also regularity of watering. Also, cover gaps to avoid the growth of weeds.

Drought Spots

We are currently in a drought here in Conway and Carolina Forest. If you notice any bluish-grey spots on your grass, these could be drought spots. If you are making use of a lawn sprinkler to water, make certain it is getting to the locations with such spots.

For more professional lawn care tips, Call Conway Lawn Care Services and we will be happy to talk to you.

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