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Mulching ServicesWhat is Mulching and Why is It Important?

Mulching is an important process that involves applying a material on the surface of soil in your garden. Mulch thickness can range from two to four inches depending on the size and number of plants in the bed or garden. The mulch is placed over the soil layer around the plants.

Mulching is a process that has many benefits. It should be incorporated into your lawn care routine. Mulch minimizes soil compaction and prevents weed growth during rainy seasons.

Mulch assists with the conservation of water as it will retain the moisture from watering and sends more water to the roots of the plants. Mulch conserves water by retaining moisture and transferring more water to plant roots. Mulch also helps to maintain a uniform and attractive appearance for your flowerbeds and garden.

  • Mulch is a great mulch for landscaping.
  • It suppresses the growth of weeds.
  • Retains soil moisture.
  • Water evaporation is prevented (especially during the summer).
  • Keeps soil temperatures cooler and more constant.
  • It adds a decorative element to your garden and beds.

Conway Lawn Care Services will maintain your landscape to keep it beautiful throughout the year. Our mulching service can create healthy soil to grow plants and prevent weeds.

Types of Mulch We Offer

There are different types of mulch, but they can be divided into two main categories: inorganic or organic. Inorganic mulches are not as good for the soil, as organic mulches. They do not decompose and break down. Certain inorganic mulches, however, can heat the soil at night and radiate heat, which is beneficial to heat-loving vegetables and plants, like eggplant and cherry tomato.

Mulching ServicesInorganic Mulch

These chips look fantastic in flowerbeds, gardens, pathways and shrub borders. They are not ideal for vegetable gardens and annual flowerbeds. They get in the way of digging the beds every year.

Stones are a great choice for rock gardens and cacti. They do raise soil temperatures, but they don’t help with soil health or plant development.

Organic Mulch

Grass Clippings: When grass clippings decompose, they release nitrogen and potassium. This provides more nutrients to the soil. Pests can live in them, which is one of their downsides.

Cocoa hulls contain potash, nitrogen and phosphate which are beneficial to soil. They can attract pests if they are too wet, and they may grow harmless mold in humid and hot climates.

Wood shavings can reduce your water and fertilizer usage and enhance the appearance of your lawn. Blocking airflow can cause root rot or fungus to grow.

Straw is an excellent choice for building healthy soil, and it helps regulate moisture and temperature. Some straws may contain seeds that can cause weeds to compete with water and nutrients.

Bark chips are a great option for landscapes that are drier and more stable. They absorb water well, are durable, and last longer. Bark can deplete soil nitrogen as it decomposes.

Pine straw is an option that requires little maintenance and is easy to use. It can also be used to control erosion. Pine straw can be expensive and must be replaced frequently. They can also attract pests such as mice and spiders.

You can count on mulch landscapers to maintain your garden and lawn at its best. Our guarantee is that you will receive quality mulch services every time. We’re also happy to answer your questions about our residential mulching service.

mulchingProfessional Landscaping Services and Lawn Maintenance You Can Rely On

You are the owner of your home, so you should take care to maintain it. This includes regular lawn maintenance and landscaping. Proper landscaping is the best way to maintain a beautiful exterior. Healthy, well-maintained lawns and plants create curb appeal and a good first impression. These benefits are not possible without a lot of time and effort. Not everyone is able to devote the necessary time.

Conway Lawn Care Service is here to help if you would rather spend your weekend doing something else. We understand that your time is precious, so we are proud to help you keep your property looking beautiful all year round.

Find out more about our landscaping and lawn care service. Our team is dedicated, professional, caring and knowledgeable. Our customers and their needs are always our first priority and we strive to surpass expectations.

We can provide mulching services in Conway and North Myrtle Beach. Our mulch installers are able to meet your needs, whether you require a mulch top-off service or a complete installation.

Professional Services:

  • Mulch Installation
  • Landscape Mulching
  • Playground Mulching
  • Flowerbed Mulching
  • Mulch Delivery and Spreading
  • Commercial and Residential Service
  • Mulch Options are Available

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