lawn care ConwayYour lawn is the biggest part of a landscape. From raking leaves to weeding and mowing to seeding, you do all you can to keep it looking lovely and lush and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. When you’re done clearing the leaves, your next lawn care chores comes next spring, right?

No. Even when you’re turf is dormant during the cold winter season, it could still benefit from a bit of attention and care. Depending on your location, your lawn could be composed of grass for the warm season such as Bermuda and zoysia or cool season grass like perennial rye, Kentucky blue, and more.

Warm season grass will grow during summer and spring and will become straw colored during the cold weather season. Meanwhile, cool turn will grow during spring and fall and takes part or all of its green color throughout the colder season.

Lawn Care Tips


The soil under the grass tend to become compacted from the weight of the machines used for landscaping or home building, or foot traffic. This could cause the soil to become dry and cause the grass roots to take up nutrients poorly and the drainage also comes an issue in the landscape. That’s why aeration must be part of your lawn care Conway routine.

Aside from that, thatch may develop in the lawn. If it’s more than one inch, it could block water and air penetration, which could lower the nutrient uptake and lead to drainage problems. The lawn care solution to both excess thatch and soil compaction is aeration. It involves making holes down through the lawn grass and into the soil underneath so air can be introduced underneath and water can penetrate.

Avoid Salt Damage

De-icing products that has salt may cause damage to closeby grass when they leach into it. This may cause physiological drought, which is a condition that will impede the uptake of nutrients and create bare spots. In case you have to treat walkways across or close to the edges of the lawn, make sure to select products that are made of sodium chloride alternatives like calcium chloride. You should also avoid leaving de-icing salt bags on or close to turf areas because they may leach salt to the soil.


In case the ground is not frozen, then winter is the perfect time to use lime to sweeten the soil that’s acidic. You could check the ph of the soil through a soil test. You can add a slow release fertilizer that’s winterizing. It’s a great way to get started, through spring shoots that are well nourished.

Equipment Maintenance

If you don’t have time to do everything during the fall season, you should clean and tighten your mower. You should replace or repair parts as required. Now is the best time to sharpen the blades of your mower so they will give you a clean cut. Dull ones would not cut but tear the grass and this will leave grass blades not just jagged and at risk to disease, or it may even tear the crowns from the roots, which leaves bare patches.

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