lawn careNothing beats the sensation of stepping onto a newly mowed lawn barefoot. A well-maintained landscape almost always provides a 100% return on investment. To make sure that you have a lush lawn from spring to fall, you need to know some lawn care tips.

Lawn Care Tips

Like all other maintenance jobs, everything will go smoother and you will get much better results with the proper preparation. It is one of the most important things you need to remember about lawn care.

When it comes to lawn care Conway, you need to sharpen your blades for you to make clean cuts. Using a dull blade will tear the grass and leave jagged edges that will discolor the lawn and lure pathogens. You should tune up the mower by adding a new spark plug and replacing the air filter. Your mower may not be new every season but changing these two components is easy and offers great results. Don’t forget to buy fresh gas because using one that has been left to sit over winter may have already accumulated moisture that would harm small engines. Then clean up your lawn. Grab your leaf rakes and get rid of leaves and twigs that may have accumulated in your yard over winter.


Based on your weather, your grass will begin growing so you have to be prepared for your first cutting. Do not mow if the grass is wet because you could spread diseases plus, wet clippings could clog up your lawn mower.

Spring and fall are two of the best seasons to fertilize your lawn. In the northern third of the country, where winters are cold, you need to fertilize during the fall season. Cool-weather grass will go dormant during winter and it will store energy in its roots for use during spring. For the other places in the country, add fertilizer when your grass starts its most active growth.

Aeration will punch tiny holes in your lawn so that water, oxygen, and fertilizer will reach the grassroots. Choose a day when the soil is damp but not too soaked so that the aeration machine could work efficiently. You should also apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop crabgrass as well as other weeds from starting to take root in the lawn.

Early Summer

During early summer, you need to be on the lookout for grubs. This is the time when they appear. When the grass is starting to grow fast, you should cut more than once a week to maintain it. Use a golden fork to get rid of any weed that may have escaped herbicide application. In case things are getting out of hand then you should use a post-emergent herbicide.


Always remember that taller grass has deeper roots, fewer weeds, and more moisture the soil takes in between watering. To make sure that you have a healthy and green lawn, be sure that you set your mower blade to a height of 3 inches and water deep and infrequently because it promotes shallow growth of the root.


Your primary job during fall is to make sure that your lawn is free of leaves and debris. This is what you need to do when it comes to lawn maintenance for the fall. You can use your mulching mower to break the leaves up and add organic matter to your soil. However, you need to make sure that you clean up all the clumps so they do not kill the grass.

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