lawn careOne important aspect of your lawn care routine must include applying fertilizers properly. It’s a simple chore that needs to be done correctly. It’s easy to do and can take less than 20 minutes of your time.


Lawn Care: Fertilizing Your Lawn Properly


Water your lawn – you need to give your lawn a good watering a few days before you apply fertilizer. This will help make sure that the soil of your lawn is prepared to accept the fertilizer that you’re about to give.

Choose the best spreader – spreaders come in two categories. You can find a broadcast spreader and a drop spreader. You can search online for a detailed description of each type of spreader. Don’t forget to adjust the spreader setting for the right coverage. Inspect the bag to ensure that you are choosing the right setting for each spreader.

Add grass fertilizer – feed the perimeter first because this will let you fertilize the remaining areas of the lawn without having to worry about missing any spot along the edges.

Fill in the middle part of the lawn – just like a mowing pattern, feed the middle part of your lawn by walking to and fro in a straight line while overlapping the lines a bit with every pass.

Store the remaining product – when you have finished applying fertilizer, you should return all unused products to the bag and keep in for future use. Don’t forget to store it in a dry and cool place that cannot be reached by your children or pets.

Why do you need to fertilizer your lawn?

Just like when you require more nutrients than water can give to survive, so does your lawn. There are products that you can apply to your lawn to keep it thick and green. This will help stop weeds from growing and moving in.

How to choose the right lawn fertilizer product?

All lawns are different and that means the right fertilizer for one may not be suitable for another, lawn care experts said. You will find various types of fertilizers in the market. Some products can prevent crabgrass while others can eliminate broadleaf weed. Some can help revive your lawn from the stress brought on by the summer heat.

Lawn Care: Feeding Your Lawn


If you don’t want to bag grass while you mow then you can just leave the grass clippings on your lawn. This process is referred to as mulching. They will eventually break down and give your lawn the nutrients it needs. Although you don’t need to purchase a new mower blade, it won’t hurt to add a mulching blade so that the grass can be cut into smaller pieces.


It’s crucial to use a spreader when you’re applying fertilizer as part of your lawn care Conway routine. You should not do this by hand. One ideal option is the broadcast spreader that comes with a side shield feature. It makes applying fertilizer along the perimeter an easy task without having to worry about applying it on non lawn spaces such as the 4sidewalk or driveway. Meanwhile, a drop spreader is ideal for small spaces.


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