lawn careWho says that you need to hire a professional in order to have the lawn of your dreams? Lawn pros do not do anything that you cannot do yourself. They simply know what products to use and when. We’re more than happy to reveal their secrets. Discover the 6 ways you can create a beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors ask you how you did it. These are secret lawn care tips, but feel free to share them!

Lawn Care Tips

Feed four times per year.

You read it correctly. Many lawn owners believe that spring feeding is sufficient to create a lush, green lawn. Lawn professionals know that you need to fertilize your lawn several times a year using the appropriate lawn food for your area and season.

When and how high to mow depends on the time of year.

Lawn maintenance professionals also know that the timing and style of mowing can have a big impact on the appearance of your lawn. Set the mower to the highest setting appropriate for the grass type you are growing. This is about 2 1/2-3 1/2 inches for cool-season grasses. However, some warm-season grasses do better with a shorter cut.

Allowing the grass to reach its optimal height will encourage it to develop a deeper root structure while shading the soil and preventing weed seeds from germinating.

You should also mow often enough to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blades at one time. Wait until the grass has dried before mowing. This will prevent you from having wet grass clumps in your yard. Final tip: Vary your mowing patterns to avoid creating ruts on the lawn.

How to water your lawn correctly.

Watering your lawn deeply and less often is better than watering it quickly every day. Give the grass a long soak to encourage the roots to grow deep into the soil. This strengthens the lawn and helps it to survive in times of drought. Water the lawn when the blades of grass are no longer bouncing back after you walk on it. You can run the sprinkler for as long as you need to push a dowel with a diameter of 1/4 inch or staking about 12 inches deep into the soil. The soil should not be so wet that it drips if you squeeze the soil.

In the spring and in late autumn, grass requires less water than it does during the summer. You might only have to water your lawn once a week in the spring, but three times a week during the summer. If you get a heavy, long rain, then there is no need to water.

Use only premium grass seeds.

When it comes to grass seeds, the old saying “you get what you paid for” is absolutely true. You can be sure that premium grass seed will provide even coverage and sprout quickly.

The lawn care experts know that premium grass seed will give you a thicker, fuller lawn. This makes it easier to maintain.

Spot-control weeds.

Staying on top of the weed growth is another basic secret for a professional lawn. It’s much easier to maintain a beautiful lawn by controlling weeds on a spot basis than to attempt to save a lawn that has been completely overtaken.

You can spray it on weeds such as clover and dandelion to kill them before they bloom and spread seeds. Follow the directions on any product and check the label to see if it is suitable for your lawn.

Prevent grubs.

It’s important to catch grubs early before they hatch.

You can now create a lawn that looks professional on a budget. What comes with a beautiful lawn? Bragging rights.

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