lawn careIf there is one lawn care task that the rainy season will let homeowners to forgo, it’s watering. Nature will do the work and you don’t have to wake early in the morning to hydrate your plants. Plus, you get to save on your water bills.

The rainy season will offer several benefits but it also has several disadvantages. Your plants may die due to overwatering. Weeds as well as different kinds of lawn diseases may develop in your grass whenever it’s over hydrated. Because of these reasons, you need to be prepared to do more work when it comes to lawn care Conway during the rainy season.

Lawn Care Tasks You Have To Do During Rainy Season

Grass grow faster especially during rainy season. Due to this, you may be tempted to mow your lawn whenever you’re unhappy with the height of your grass. But you must avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet because it may lead to compaction and ruts. In case you’re utilizing an electric mower, you may also be at risk of getting electrocuted. You have to wait until the lawn grass is fully dry before you take out the mower.

Check For Any Unwanted Growth

Your yard may see several unwanted growth because of flooding. You may notice mushroom, algae, and moss growth. You can easily deal with algae and moss since it’s easy to rake them away. But, if you would like to prevent them from growing back, you need to hire a lawn care expert.

You may think that having mushrooms is harmless. But they will be once they begin growing in what they call as a fairy ring pattern, which will prevent the grass at the center of the ring from getting nutrients and water. Because of that, many areas in the lawn will turn brown and become dead grass. Remove mushrooms right away once you see them in your lawn.

Clean Your Lawn

If your lawn got flooded, the first thing you need to do is to clean it up. Flooded and low areas tend to collect debris like old grass clippings and leaves. If you do not get rid and clean the debris up, you need to deal handle the dead spots that need more spring lawn care steps to fix it.

You should also check for silt. Be careful if you’re cleaning it because it might be contaminated. Wear boots and rubber gloves if you plan to go near them and git rid of them. Remove the sludge by washing it off using a hose or by raking it up. Getting rid of silt is a crucial lawn care task that you need to do because it lets the grass and ground to breathe and take in more sunlight.

Aerate Your Lawn

You have to aerate your lawn because it will help prevent the soil from compacting. It is performed by creating holes in the soil to boost its drainage. By improving the soil condition, you’ll get to lower the likelihood of your lawn from getting flooded once again.

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