lawn careThe summer season could prove to be one of the hardest times for your lawn. This is especially if you reside in the hottest parts of the country. While this season is the time to grow for several lawns, it is additionally a time for less well-cared for grass to experience various problems that could cause poor health and stress. With a couple of basic lawn care methods, we will be able to significantly enhance all yards as they go through with the year’s hottest months.

Summer Lawn Care Treatment

Watering the lawn

Watering is certainly an essential facet of lawn care Conway and maintenance this summer. Appropriate grass watering methods make it possible for a yard to send water down to its root, beyond the dissipation level. This then results in the grass being able to tolerate the warm and dry spell.

Fertilize in the springtime

It is better to have a healthy lawn even before summer arrives than waiting for the summer before treating your lawn. The also holds true of wintertime lawn care maintenance.

According to a reputable lawn care company, it is better to fertilize grass before the beginning of both toughest periods, summer as well as winter season. So make sure that you have given your grass top quality fertilizer before summer starts to make sure that it remains healthy when the warm season comes.

 The need for mowing the lawn in the summer

Moisture loss in the soil is the main reason for most lawn problems during summer. As what was said before, it is important to train deep root development and aid the soil even more by decreasing the quantity of water loss through evaporation because of the summer heat.

While a healthy and balanced yard thriving under the sun’s heat could be cut short, but for many yards that are less than ideal, their biggest wellness advantage in the summer could happen by raising the mowing height. A method which helps create shade thus shielding the soil from losing its moisture during the warm weather.

This same concept of protecting the soil from moisture loss could also be applied after mulching. Whereby the yard cuttings are reused back right into the yard, instead of being accumulated and thrown out. Reusing grass cuttings not just protects the grass soil against moisture loss, they are also an amazing source of nutrients as opposed to using store bought lawn fertilizers.

Pest and weed control

Some lawn care treatment for pests as well as weeds could be rough on the grass, specifically those that are used by regular yard owners and not by a lawn care specialist.

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