lawn careThere are several months in a year when you might have a problem with your lawn, that is during the rainy spring and summer mowing period. Lawn care professionals suggest that you should trim it every 3rd or 4th day. This is when the temperature levels cool down and the rainfalls lessen that your grass requires less mowing.

You may think that you can miss mowing the lawn entirely but if you do that, you will find the lawn growing unevenly. Proper lawn care Conway throughout the dry season will give you a healthy lawn in the autumn as the rain starts to fall and the temperature cools down.

Landscaping Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn

Lawn Mower Blades

  • The lawnmower blade should be sharpened before mowing. A sharp blade can cut the yard easily and causes less damage to the fallen leave. This makes it less complicated for the plant to recuperate from cutting.
  • The lawnmower blades should be well balanced and leveled. Comply with the supplier’s instructions on how you can accomplish this with your own lawn mower.
  • During the dry season, it is better to set up the mower blades higher than usual. This can still cut the grass at a certain level but will not stress the grass during the dry weather. Taller grass encourages roots to grow deeper and find moisture in the soil.
  • Change the mowing pattern of the yard each time you cut. If you cut with the very same pattern each time, the turf starts to lean right into the mowing pattern. Altering the pattern urges the turf to expand
  • Constantly press a mower far from you to cut the yard. You could unintentionally draw the lawn mower into on your own if you trim drawing the equipment towards you. Use safety clothes and glasses as you cut the yard.

Grass cuttings

  • Trim the grass when it is totally dry. Even if it did not rain, moisture from dew or haze provides a breeding ground for fungi that could harm your lawn which can already be stressed from the lack of rain.
  • Let the lawn cuttings to drop back into the grass. These cuttings provide nitrogen as well as other plant food back into the ground as they decay, yet they also help keep dampness in the ground to secure the roots and also the crown of the lawn plants.
  • Water the grass in the morning, when there is less possibility of wind or of losing water to dissipation. This permits the water to saturate right into the ground as well as right into the root system of the

Taking care of your lawn is essential during the dry season. For more information about lawn care, call Conway Lawn Care Service.

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