lawn careAs winter draws near, the ground will begin to freeze in several locations. You’re probably wondering if you need to begin mulching and when is the perfect time to do so. Lawn care experts recommend that you leave fallen leaves on the ground so they could serve as mulch and compost. But make sure that they’re healthy because if not, they can infect your lawn and plants.

In case there’s less plants and leaves debris, consider mulching the plant beds, and spots around the trees, with an organic, aged, and high quality mulch.

Always remember that mulch is not a garden ornament but a functional material in your lawn. Forget about the mulch volcanoes surrounding the tree trunks, and several layers of mulch, added every season regardless of whether the plant beds require it or not.

Lawn Care: The Importance of Mulch

  • It helps keep moisture in the soil underneath. This is helpful during drought periods.
  • It prevents weed growth and helps in their easy removal.
  • It gives organic matter, provides nutrients to the soil while the organic mulch is decomposing.
  • To protect the expanses of the bare soil before it is planted, if planting should be delayed.

However, mulch is usually used instead of plants. Think about the garden beds with more mulch than plants. Those who created them have completely missed the point.

Plants grow together naturally in all directions. Consider mulch like a placeholder as those plants grow. Even though you don’t have any idea how plants interact with one another, it’s a fact that they do. What you want to see is a network of different kinds of plants and not a lawn that’s filled with mulch.

Mulching can be a perfect way to protect a soil that’s bare. Soil infertility, compaction, and soil erosion are the results of having a large area of naked soil. Maybe you haven’t planted anything on that area and you’d want to wait until spring. You can add mulch to the bare area to protect the soil. Always remember that you have to leave some random small patches of naked soil.

During winter, the soil temperature underneath the ground could be much higher than the temperature above ground. If the weather warms up for a short time and then cools down again, the ground could heave and in some cases push small plants up from the ground. Mulch could help moderate this one.

What kind of much do you have to use? The best lawn care Conway tip is replicate nature, use materials that are already in the environment. This might mean using the fallen leaves, bark mulch, or pine needles. Whatever kind of mulch you have to use, it must be degradable and organic, giving the soil nutrients it needs when it breaks down.

What mulch should you not use? Any mulch that is inorganic. Those that contain artificially dyed mulch, rubber pellets, and plastic sheeting.

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