lawn maintenanceYou may have noticed that it is hot outside. You can avoid the heat by going inside and turning up the AC. Unfortunately, your lawn may not be immune to the heat and brown spots could already appear. We’ll give you some lawn maintenance tips to keep your lawn healthy and green with a sprinkler system.

Lawn Maintenance Keep the grass greener for a little longer

The roots of your grass will grow deeper into the ground if you maintain it a bit higher than normal during the winter months. This helps prevent weeds growing. Keeping weeds out of your grass will make it healthier. They compete for water, so it is better to have them removed. Talk to your lawn care Conway SC contractor about adjusting the blade height to approximately 4 inches in summer.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

Sharp blades can cause grass to become frayed and more susceptible to browning. trusted lawn care contractors can mowing your lawn for you, so why worry about sharpening your blades? Their job is to maintain a beautiful lawn. They’ll also have the right tools to ensure that their blades are always sharp.

Don’t Bag, Mulch Instead

Mulching is a great way to keep your lawn and landscaping happy. Mulched grass can trap moisture and help keep your lawn cool while hydrating it. We recommend that you reconsider the next time you bag lawn clippings.

Water in the Morning

Because it is hot outside, it is smart to water your lawn in the morning. This will reduce the amount of water lost to the sun’s evaporation. You are also giving your lawn more time to dry completely before it gets dark. Your lawn should be hydrated by half an inch twice per week.

You should not walk on your lawn.

You can’t avoid walking on your lawn, but you can reduce it. Summer grass tends to be drier and can cause long-term damage. Gravel can be compacted and prevents air from reaching the roots of the grass.

Use protective covers

It is temporary, but you can get a shade cloth at your local garden and home store for an instant fix. They come in many sizes and shapes. They can block up to 90% of sunlight depending on which one you choose. Be sure to not completely cover any plants and to leave the cloth exposed to wind.

Plant Some Trees

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to find a permanent solution. Although they may not grow quickly, they can provide shade for many years. There are many benefits to trees, including improving the air quality and increasing the property value. They also provide a tranquil environment for your home. Although it will take some patience, the rewards are well worth it.

These tips will help you take care of your lawn better this summer. Affordable lawn care is available for those who have any questions about lawn care or just want someone to look after your lawn.

Call Conway Lawn Care Services now if you need help in maintaining your lawn during the summer season or throughout the year.

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