landscaping conway scWhat does your neighborhood look like, in terms of greenery and outdoor spaces? If you live in the type of suburb or area where every other property looks like it’s been taken out of the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, allow us to tell you that we know how this can be both a blessing and a curse. The good part of landscaping Conway SC is that there’s a lot of esthetic appeal there: impeccably manicured lawns, flower beds bursting with color, hedges that appear to be trimmed every single day, healthful trees, and lush plants all over the place.

At the same time, there’s a downside to all this: you may be feeling less than adequate regarding your own front lawn. You may be wishing to one day be able to tell your neighbors, “I do all the work on the lawn myself” and then expect their congratulations.However, the truth is that not everyone has the time and lawn maintenance skills to tend to their own yard, lawn, and/or garden. If you’re vying for that Lawn of the Year prize but feeling too incompetent for it, let us tell you that you have the solution right at your fingertips. Professional lawn maintenance, landscaping, and hardscaping service providers can help out, if they’ve got the right skills and expertise. They can keep your lawn feeling healthy and looking stellar. Here are some of the services you need to look for, when seeking out a lawn maintenance company:

Landscaping Conway SC and Lawn Care Tips

1. Lawn Mowing
Regular lawn mowing will ensure that your turf is always kept at the right size that it needs in order to grow. A healthy soil and grass that can properly retain water are also important ingredients for this.

2. Lawn fertilization and weed control
Look for a lawn maintenance provider that offers slow release fertilizer, because this is the best way to keep your turf in mint condition throughout the season. Keeping weeds at bay is also important for a healthy lawn.

3. Tree services, hedge trimming, and flower services
Is your lawn all grass, or do you have flowerbeds, shrubbery, and ornamental trees planted, too? If there’s more to your lawn than the turf, then you will need to make sure that all the other living organisms on your property are healthy and neatly trimmed. Another sign of a good landscaping provider is that they will suggest the species and colors of flowers to plant, so that your property looks beautiful the year round.

4. Irrigation system maintenance and repair
You’ve definitely heard it before. The most important element for a thriving lawn is proper watering. A good lawn care company will enable to you to make the right choice of irrigation or sprinkler system, so that your lawn ends up looking great and you’re not spending a fortune on the water bill.

5. Pest control
There’s no need to worry if you spot the occasional snail, slug, insect, ant, or beetle on your lawn. It’s perfectly natural for them to be attracted to grass and plants. However, when they infest the property and risk causing damage – that’s when you know you’ve got yourself a problem.

6. Mulching
Mulching is a great way to maintain shrubs and flowerbeds. However, it should be left to the hands of professionals, since too much mulch can determine the apparition of fungus.

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