mulching conway scWinter can be quite difficult for many plants. However, it is possible to keep your plants warm and protected by mulching. Mulching should be part of your lawn maintenance routine.

Winter and Spring Mulching

In the spring, mulch is used to prevent the growth of weeds and hold soil moisture. Mulch can also be used to protect your plants from the colder months. Your weather conditions will determine what this safety means. Mulch will protect the roots of your plant from freezing in cold nights. Mulch will protect the ground from the sun’s ultraviolet rays if you live in an area that experiences long periods of freezing temperatures. This will keep your garden soil at a consistent, freezing temperature. It is possible for your plant to lose new growth if its soil temperature changes too rapidly between freezing and warm during winter months. It’s important to maintain a steady temperature below freezing to prevent new growth from occurring during the season.

Applying Mulch at the right Time

Most perennial plants require winter mulch to be applied after the first frost. This happens when temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that these plants are falling apart, you can tell immediately. These plants will be dormant, and mulch can be applied to ensure they remain in this stage. Mulch should be applied to their base for a minimum of 2 inches. Expert Conway lawn care professionals can help you determine the right amount of mulch to apply to your plants and their location.

Choosing the Right Kind of Mulch

Although you can use any mulch product to protect your plants, it is best to purchase premium mulch from a landscaping store. This mulch will be rich in nutrients and serve as the best mulch for your plants’ roots. Remember that mulch should be removed by spring so it is important to get it as soon as possible. Landscape supplies shops can help you choose the right mulch for your garden.

How to Choose the Best Mulch for Your Plants

If you talk to a Myrtle Beach yard maintenance company about your garden, they will be able help you. The most important thing is to have enough ground cover. However, every garden is different so it is best to consult an expert before you decide which mulch to use.

If you require professional help in maintaining your garden, call Conway Lawn Care Service.

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