lawn careThe cool, windy and showery spring weather is the time to get your grass to grow healthy and green. Summertime, on the other hand, is meant to keep your lawn healthy as rain becomes insufficient. This is also the time to preserve your lawn so that it could keep up with the outdoor parties and celebrations this summer. Right here are some suggestions for healthy lawn care over those lengthy, warm days of summertime.

Summer Lawn Care

Springtime is the time to grow your lawn while summer brings a bit of tension to your lawn. During this season, the heat and dry air could damage your lawn. But as yard owners, you want your lawn to be healthy no matter what season it is. This is why you try to fight nature by continuously watering your lawn, sprinkle it with fertilizer and frequently take weed out. But there are things you need to understand about yards that could make your lawn care Conway and maintenance easier this summer.

Ideal Temperature

Another lawn maintenance tip if you are growing a warm-season lawn, the ideal temperature levels in the 70 F while cool-season grass like 60 F temperatures. As soon as temperature levels enter into the 80 Fahrenheit or higher, yards will certainly start to have a hard time growing. Growth will certainly slow down, discolorations start to appear, as well as the grass will certainly reveal indications of deterioration as they are less able to recuperate and keep up with the heat. Some cool-season grass will certainly also go inactive in the summertime, looking brownish and also dried up. If you are not able to water routinely, leave it to be dormant.

Water Sensibly

  • Yards require a minimum of one inch of water weekly, and also a lot more during extreme heat. Make use of a rainfall scale or straight-sided canister to track the quantity of water gathered from rains and also watering.
  • Water deeply and also much less often to motivate drought-tolerant roots
  • Water early in the day to decrease dissipation as well as weed growth.
  • Either water your yard consistently and also deeply, or do not water at all. Do not allow your yard to go brownish and also dormant, then water it back to life. If your grass goes inactive in the summer season, it must remain this way up until fall- do not stress, it must recoup as soon as the weather condition adjustments.

Trimming Guide

  • Raise your lawnmower blade in the summertime. Taller lawns are more drought-tolerant and grow deeper
  • Mulching turf trimmings helps keep it moist and damp.
  • Trim on a regular basis. This will keep your yard healthier.
  • Maintain lawn mower blades sharp. Make certain your lawn mower is reducing your turf, not tearing it, to decrease tension throughout warm temperature levels.

Use Fertilizer Sparingly

If your grass is looking untidy in summer, resist the need to fertilize. Actually, it’s ideal to quit fertilizing at least a month before the summer heat arrives. Using additional plant food in the warmth of summertime could melt your yard and also develop tender growth that will certainly struggle in the warm summertime weather condition. Never ever feed dormant grass– wait up until they bloom again up in autumn.

Conserve time and cost in looking after your lawn when you call Conway Lawn Care Services. You do not have to worry whether it’s summertime or springtime, just great looking lawn all year round.


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