lawn careWinter is often rather tough for numerous plants, however it is possible to maintain your plants throughout this time of year by means of mulching. This will be part of your lawn care routine.

Winter & Spring Mulching

During the spring season, you are going to use mulch to stop the growth of weeds, hold moisture in to the soil plus provide nutritional elements for your plants. During the cold months, on the other hand, mulching has a new function: to safeguard your plants from cold winds and temperatures. Just what that safety means is determined by your weather condition. In case you are in a place that remains moderate in the winter months, yet has periodic evenings with below-freezing temperature ranges, then mulch will help you to keep the plant’s roots warm and protect them against from freezing during those cold evenings. If you are living in a region that has winter seasons with long durations of freezing temperatures, therefore mulching is going to actually protect the ground from the sun’s rays. This will help to keep the garden soil at a freezing, yet consistent temperature. If the soil temperature of your plant during the cold months changes between warm and freezing too quickly, it may get rid of new growth with every change. By maintaining a constant temperature, which is at below-freezing level, it’s going to restrict new growth during the season up until the plant is protected from having to deal with another freeze.

Applying Mulch At the proper Time

For the majority perennial plants, you need to apply winter mulch following the first frost. This usually happens when temperatures have dropped below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. One way you’ll be able to tell without a doubt is if you notice these plants have collapsed. They will be dormant and mulch can be added to make sure they’re kept in this phase. It is suggested that about a couple of inches of mulch be applied around their base. Expert lawn care experts, on the other hand, can inform you exactly how much mulch to use according to your plants as well as their placement.

Selecting The Appropriate Kind Of Mulch

While you undoubtedly can make use of any product for mulch to protect your plants well, the very best choice is to buy premium mulch from a landscaping store. This mulch is going to be rich in nutrients and function as the most beneficial layer for your plant’s roots. One significant factor to keep in mind is that the mulch should be taken away during the spring, therefore it is best to apply something that’s as quickly purchased as it’s placed down. Any shop that carries landscape supplies can suggest the right mulch that you can use for your garden.

Identifying What Is Best for Your Plants

When you consult to a Myrtle Beach lawn care company and discuss your garden, they can help you. On many occasions, the most crucial factor is just that you have a sufficient ground cover, however every garden is unique, and it is advisable to get an expert’s advice before deciding which mulch to apply.


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