lawn careQuality lawn care is more than just regular mowing and watering. You need to know what soil items and insects are needed to achieve exceptional results. To create a beautiful backyard, it is essential to know when the items should be applied. These are the basics of lawn care that you should consider when creating a beautiful, healthy landscape.

How to Start Quality Lawn Care

Pre-emergent herbicide should be used in the spring or fall depending on where you live for your Conway lawn care routine. Residents in the south will typically want to apply this product in the late winter, while residents in warmer northern environments can wait until early spring. Pre-emergent herbicide acts as a barrier that prevents weeds like quack yard and spurge from reaching the surface. For the best defense, it is recommended that you apply at least two pre-emergent herbicides six weeks apart.

Once the pre-emergent herbicide has been applied to your landscaping, it is time to establish a routine for feeding your grass. You should start feeding your grass in the late winter or early spring and continue to do so throughout the rest of the year. The very first period feedings are usually high in nitrogen, which allows for deep shade and eco-friendly shading regardless of the soil temperature. It is crucial to switch to a better-balanced plant food that contains equal amounts of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen by late spring. This will encourage root growth and preserve your lawn’s great shade.

Most grass types don’t gain nitrogen when it is summertime. If you add this mineral to your lawn, it can quickly melt your grass. Iron is better for maintaining good shade than iron. It will not burn your grass. Its benefits usually do not last as well as nitrogen. You can also use high-potassium plant foods and sedimentary rock in the summer to strengthen your lawn while stabilizing your soil’s pH.

Conway’s last step in lawn care is to get rid of any bugs that have tried to control your lawn for the remainder of the season. If they aren’t removed, pests like weeds, disease, and rats can cause havoc in your yard. This is where yard maintenance can become extremely difficult. Timing is also important when using insecticides. Broad-leaf control can be applied to your lawn only when the soil temperature drops below 77°F. It is important to keep track of the soil temperature in your lawn to avoid any potential problems.

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