lawn care ConwayMany people might be wondering why their next-door neighbor has a healthier and more stunning yard. It might be because they look after their lawn and understand important lawn care tips. Well, you are still lucky because this article will discuss fundamental lawn care tips for you this spring. This will surely give you an attractive lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. Aside from the basic lawn care, you will learn the steps to the entire spring lawn care treatment period which is usually from April to November.

Basic Spring Lawn Care Steps

  1. The first thing that you should do is to eliminate the old dead fallen leaves from last fall if you have not currently done so. The are many ways you can do this– by raking or mowing the lawn with a bagger attachment. Regularly throw away fallen leaves and grass cuttings in your yard. Keep in mind that some states accept lawn debris at certain times of the year, so be sure to check with your local lawn care Conway specialist.
  2. Rolling your lawn is the next thing you need to do. This is done to eliminate the bumps to make your grass safer and easier to mow. Some people assume that when you roll a grass, you simply go one way, then you are It is really best to roll the grass front to back, diagonally twice. Where the second time is going on an alternate diagonal style, then side to side.
  3. The third step for spring lawn care maintenance is to dethatch your grass. Dethatching is the procedure of getting rid of thatch, which is generally the leftover dead yard trimmings from your yard. This procedure could be done in addition to step # 1 if you rake the yard. Nevertheless, when doing it in addition to tidying up the fallen leaves, you will need to “power rake” the yard.
  4. For the fourth step which is aeration, hiring a lawn care professional is advised. This is because an aeration device is costly. This step is required to open your yard and let air and water enter the soil to nourish the plant roots.
  5. The next step is called overseeding or re-seeding. This procedure is exactly what the name suggests, spreading out seed over your existing yard. You should do this procedure after doing step # 4 do it the same day or day after. Constantly utilize a spreader to guarantee circulation of the seeds so the grass grows equally.Keep in mind that sprinkling your yard correctly is an extremely important procedure that should be maintained all season, and constantly water brand-new seeds as recommended on the bag of seeds.
  6. The last step for spring lawn care is a good thing to do, however not usually needed. This is fertilization and you will need to use weed or feed fertilizer if you intend on doing this. What you need to do is to check the grass seed label on when it says it is okay to use a fertilizer. Usually, it is about a month or two after the seeding procedure.Constantly utilize a spreader or work with a specialist when using fertilizer to ensure you meticulously comply with all cautions follow instructions on the pack. Using hand gloves and other protective gear is recommended.

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