lawn careWhat You Need To Know About Spring Lawn Care and Liquid Aeration

For homeowners and lawn enthusiasts, spring is the best time to go outdoors and enjoy the time taking care of their lawn. After the long difficult winter months, your lawn is entitled to all the care it could obtain. Here are four spring lawn care management factors you could use to improve your yard this spring

Spring Lawn Care and Aeration

Idea # 1: Let the soil breathe. 

After a long tough winter season, your grass’ roots could be under a great deal of stress and anxiety. Aeration could be done by using a mechanical or a liquid yard aerator. This minimizes stress and also assists the grass to grow back healthy. Liquid aeration opens a way for the roots to absorb more water, air, and nutrients.

Idea # 2: Fill in empty spaces with seeds.

After making use of a mechanical or liquid aerator, the following point to do is over-seed any type of bare places you have in the lawn. For the best results, utilize a thin layer of peat moss and keep the seed as well as seedling damp for the very first 4 weeks. High-quality seeds are generally worth a little more due to the fact that they are more immune to the dry spell and they look better.

 Idea # 3: Yard Thatching

This helps eliminate undesirable lawn, moss and dead yard material in the lawn. This could be performed with a power rake or a hand rake. As soon as undesirable grass thatch is eliminated, the grass could grow faster and healthier

 Idea # 4: Fertilizing.

In very early springtime, we suggest using a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, yet with little or no phosphorous. Fertilizers could also include urea or other kinds of long-term nitrogen could be excellent. A healthy lawn is a lot more immune to weeds, dry spells, as well as insects. Long-term fertilizers are much less likely to melt your yard. According to lawn care Conway professionals, fertilizing and also overseeding will greatly compliment with liquid aeration as well as thatching.

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