lawn careYour yard may seem unorganized after the summer heat but worry not, because fall is the best time to start another lawn care schedule. Truth is, there is no need to use a lot of tools, though the basic ones can help. But as long as you follow the lawn care guide below, your yard will be in great shape in no time.

Early Fall Lawn Care Guide

At the start of the fall season, you should be able to look at 

  • Bare areas,
  • Thin spots of lawn
  • Dead locations in your yard

If you have a warm-season lawn, try this maintenance guide when the temperature is at its high. For those with cool-season lawn, it’s finest to hold back up until the weather starts to cool.

  1. You can start loosening up the soil in small areas using your hands or a garden rake. Try to get rid of any dead lawn or thatch while you are at it.
  2. Sprinkle lawn seed and gently rake the seed into the loose soil to guarantee great seed-to-soil contact. Next, you can include either an abundant garden compost to produce a growing bed or a suitable application of fertilizer. Make sure to water your seeds to help them settle.

Early fall can likewise be a fun time to look after those more frustrating weeds, like creeping Charlie. If you have yearly weeds in your yard, you do not have to worry about them now as they will die soon enough.

Mid-Fall Lawn Care Guide

The middle of fall is when you wish to:

  • Aerate your yard
  • Overseed your yard

Doing these two steps will help your lawn to have a healthy lifespan. Seeding is likewise essential throughout this time, as the fall burst of growth in the cool-season lawn is a few of the most natural and simple to look after.

Although you might be lured to fertilize and trim at this time, it is necessary to offer your brand-new recently established yard an opportunity to settle. Keep away from the fertilizer entirely, and focus rather on things like edging and cutting.

Late Fall Lawn Care Guide

As the cool weather continues, you will begin to see plenty of particles and leaves falling from close-by trees and bushes. Your primary lawn care Conway task now is to keep those particles from covering your yard and avoiding sun and water from getting to the lawn and roots.

A mulching lawn mower, or a mulching accessory for a no turn lawn mower, will go a long way in separating the leaves and raw material without harming the lawn below. This mulch is likewise a great way to put nutrients into the soil without presenting fertilizers, so take advantage of it as you desire.


These minor fall lawn care guide will definitely give your yard a boost this coming summer season. So have your yard looked after today, call Conway Lawn Care Services.


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