lawn maintenanceThe weather has been crazy here in the Myrtle Beach area and we have had some great warm days. Now is the time to get outdoors and do some basic lawn maintenance. If you want to guarantee that your yard looks healthy and stunning in when summer arrives, you’ll need to do some clean-up and maintenance today.

Lawn Maintenance Clean Up List

Here are a couple of things to put on your lawn care list to get the most out of your lawn next spring.

  • Get rid of leaves and debris

Fallen leaves and weeds attract insects to settle in. Leaves can also kill turf if they’re left to sit, which is why raking leaves and getting rid of fallen branches is so important. You’ll need to clear out flower beds to keep undesirable animals at bay. Rose foliage in specific can promote diseases.

  • Prepare your yard

Ensuring your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to survive will go a long way to how it looks next year. Trim the lawn one last time utilizing a low setting to give it a close buzz, that way soil will dry much faster in the summer, giving you a more lush looking lawn.

  • Till vegetable gardens

As soon as you’ve completed your last harvest, take out any old vegetable plants and eliminate any extraneous debris. Then, entirely till the plot. If you have garden compost, then use the old vegetable plants to fertilize and better support the soil for planting next spring.

  • Divide and cut back perennials

Move any perennials that were successful last year to other flower beds in your yard that will help them to expand and do well in the summer. Take extra care with delicate perennials, shrubs and roses by adding cloth barriers and mulch to avoid freezing.

  • Trim shrubs and bushes and attend to fall annuals

A lawn maintenance specialist suggests that this is the time to trim your bushes and prune them for spring growth. You can even plant certain shrubs and annuals during this season.

  • Inspect the gutters

Before anything else, inspect your seamless gutters. You’ll wish to get rid of leaves and other particles from your seamless gutters, as stopped up gutters can result in drain issues and water damage.

  • Power wash your drive and walkways

This is a great time to clean up your patio, walkways, and driveway with a power washer. It will look great well into the spring.

Put away gardening tools and lawn and pool furniture in your garage or outdoor shed so that they can be safely stored until next spring. Take the time to provide your do a comprehensive cleaning of your tools to avoid rusting.

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