Lawn FertilizerWhen should you apply a lawn fertilizer? Before or after the rain? Your fertilizer could be washed away with too much rain before it gets the chance to soak into the soil. So you can fertilize a few days before rain comes. You can also choose to apply the fertilizer a few days after the rain.

Lawn Fertilizer Tips From The Pros

Conway Lawn Care Services uses the latest scientific technology when testing all of their products to make sure that they are effective and will do well on the lawn when applied. The result would be a lush, beautiful, healthy, and green lawn that you and your family will enjoy.

Fertilizers offer nutrients that will let grass plants grow. It will keep the lawn looking great and maximize the dark green hues and assist it to better tolerate the seasonal turf stresses like cold, drought, and heat. A lush and thick lawn with strong roots could also choke the weeds out by preventing them from becoming established in the first place.

Lawn fertilizers contain potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, all three are important to the overall health of your lawn.

Nitrogen – this is responsible for the lawn’s green color as well as vigorous, and lush growth.

Phosphorus – it encourages root growth and assists in seeds sprout.

Potassium – it helps grass withstand disease, drought, fungus, wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as extreme weather conditions.

Apply Lawn Fertilizer Before or After Rain?

Does it matter if you fertilizer before a heavy rain pours? Of course, it matters. It’s not a good time to apply the lawn fertilizer since a heavy rainfall could easily wash away the fertilizer before it has a chance to break down and then be absorbed. This holds true for steep slopes. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, then it’s best to apply the lawn fertilizer if rainfall is not expected. If it’s only light rainfall then you can apply the lawn fertilizer before the rain.

When should you apply lawn fertilizer?

The best time to fertilize your lawn is when it’s starting to run out of food from the last time a fertilizer was added. Here are some lawn care Conway SC tips you need to know.

Early spring – During March or April is the best time to apply crabgrass preventer. It will feed the lawn gently while helping it recover from the winter and also control crabgrass growth even before it germinates.

Late spring – During May or June is the best time to apply fertilizer that will help your lawn grow strong and green. It also controls clover, dandelion, chick weed, as well as other types of broadleaf weeds.

Summer – During July or August, you should loosen up hard soil and balance pH level To encourage optimal growth. There are fertilizers that will help activate microbial life in the soil to make the nutrients to be absorbed by the grass roots much easier.

Fall – During September or October, you need to prepare your lawn for the winter season. There are lawn fertilizers that will keep the lawn fed throughout winter and fend off winter diseases such as gray snow mold.


Call Conway Lawn Care Service if you have more questions about the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Our team of lawn care experts are always ready to help you with your lawn care needs.


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